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Like The TV Show “Bones” But For Real.

Aitape Skull

What do a 6,000 year old skull and a tsunami have in common? According to new research it looks like one might have caused the other. I’ll explain.

Could This Be the Lifesaving “Wave Of The Future?”

Survival Capsule

Since the 2004 Tsunami that struck Indonesia causing so much death and destruction efforts all over the world have been redoubled to produce better warming systems and to increase evacuation times. A new invention may just be what people, particularly along the coast, are looking for. I’ll explain.

US West Coast Earthquake Warning as Cascadia Subduction Zone Surges (Event Model)

An ocean data buoy is alerting to an “event” in the Cascadia Subduction Zone off the west coast of Oregon. This is where a magnitude 9 earthquake hit in 1700.

It’s 363 Miles Long, But What Is It?

Central Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast takes a beating from wind and waves and the result can be serious beach erosion, but at the same time some areas are building up. A report gives insight into the issue. I’ll explain.

It’s Translation, Harbor Wave, Sounds So Serene.

Its translated names don’t sound so bad, but a tsunami is a very serious phenomenon. What causes them and what do they do? I have the answers to those questions and more.

Local Author Premieres New Book At Tsunami

Janet Hardy, co-author of the bestselling book, “The Ethical Slut”, and ten others, has recently released a memoir titled “Girlfag: A Life Told in Sex and Musicals”.

July 17 – Morning Headlines

Tim Chuey: Thunderstorms, rental scam, O’Connell for mayor?, Springfield prosecutor out, EMX enviro study results, another tsunami dock offshore, matsutake mushroom harvest, gas prices, Lilliard fires up Blazers, the UO Football palace.

Zombies, Racism, and Craigslist on EDN: The News Week in Review

Zombies, racism and Craigslist on EDN: The Week in Review

October 13 – Morning Headlines

Tim Chuey: early fog & some clouds, EMU false alarm, bicycle theft increasing, SUV fire a possible protest, tailgater for leukemia, bus vs pedestrian, bikes removed downtown, ocean quake no tsunami, Spfd PD hiring, EPDs Randy Ellis helps homeless, Sargent wins Nobel, Real World at The Cooler, ESPN gameday, Olympic Trials schedule released.

Is there still a place for local bookstores?

The nations second-biggest book retailer, Borders, filed for bankruptcy in February and has already begun closing 30% of its more than 600 stores. The Waldenbooks store at Valley River Center will also be closed soon, but what about local bookstores?

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