Uber Faces Legal Battle in Eugene


EUGENE, Ore. — Uber facing legal battles in Portland and in Eugene. The ride sharing app faces $118,000 in fines. Uber refuses to pay and is appealing those fines. There’s a hearing for that next month. Eugene officials say the fines are because Uber was operating without a license. The city has charged Uber $2,000 … Continue reading »

SPS Asks Voters to Pass Bond Measure


SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The Springfield School District is asking voters once again to pass a bond measure for the second time in a year. The last measure failed by about 500 votes. The school board approved a measure in August to put a $71.5 million bond on the November ballot. That’s about $10 million more … Continue reading »

Marchers to Rally for Workers’ Rights


EUGENE, Ore. — Marches and rallies are scheduled all over the world for worker’s rights on Thursday to recognize May Day. A rally is planned in Eugene at the library quad on the University of Oregon campus, followed by a march to Johnson Hall. Last year’s event was held at Kesey Square. This year, organizers … Continue reading »

Northwestern Football Players Given Go-Ahead to Unionize


Whether through the constantly evolving and rarely boring infamous Duck football uniforms, the noteworthy sense of pride that even an outsider of “Track Town” feels while walking past Hayward Field or the sports logo that has become a symbol of an alliance with Phil Knight and an envy of collegiate athletic programs across the nation, it is apparent that the ...

Local Teachers Support Medford Strike


EUGENE, Ore. — A teachers strike that’s been going on for nearly two weeks in Medford is gaining support in Eugene. Teachers went on strike Feb. 6, and the Medford School District says if the strike continues past this week, it may have to adjust the school calendar. KEZI 9 News reporter Jessica Debbas is … Continue reading »

UO faculty, administration reach handshake deal on first contract


After nine months of careful and sometimes contentious bargaining, the first ever faculty union contract between teachers and University of Oregon reached a handshake agreement Wednesday afternoon. Members of United Academics, the faculty union, will vote to ratify the contract next month. Bargaining leaders are optimistic that the tenets of the contract will be please […]

SEIU Local 503 demonstrators take to Johnson Hall before strike authorization


Members of the employee union that represents classified staff at the University of Oregon took to Johnson Hall Thursday afternoon in order to raise awareness on current contract negotiations that could lead to a strike. SEIU Local 503 is currently bargaining with the Oregon University System. The union reached an impasse Aug. 19, the first [...]

Eugene School District and teachers’ union reach tentative contract agreement


The Eugene School District and teachers’ union reached a tentative agreement late Thursday night for a 2013-14 contract that includes a slight cost-of-living pay increase for teachers, big pay “step” increases for most teachers, but also more unpaid furlough days, including more days when schools will be closed. Teachers will …

Time running out for Eugene teacher contract solution


After 12 hours of talks there was no breakthrough Wednesday and no new contract between teachers and the Eugene 4J School District.

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