October 18 – Morning Headlines

A new gangland?



  • Eugene councilors get disturbing primer on gangs
    The Eugene City Council fell silent on Monday night as disturbing images were displayed on a large screen before them. Eugene police Det. Greg Harvey showed councilors a video of five local gang members beating a young man as part of his initiation int…


  • Police issue citations to those found sitting on stone wall in Park Blocks
    At least two people have been cited by Eugene police for sitting on the stone walls in downtown Eugene’s Park Blocks, and one of the two has been found not guilty by a Municipal Court judge. Police say the citations have been issued in the interest o…


  • Eugene Police Allow Occupy Camp to Stay
    Camping out in Eugene city parks from 11 p.m.-7 a.m. is illegal, but Eugene police say they aren’t kicking out the Occupy overnighters.   The city is letting the group violate those rules to get their message across.   EPD establi…


  • Springfield man receives 15-year rape sentence
    A 27-year-old Springfield man was sentenced Monday to 15 years in prison for raping a woman while she was passed out after a night of drinking. A Lane County Circuit Court jury last week convicted Lamar Alex Davis of first-degree rape in connection wit…


  • Lights removed from Civic Stadium
    Forty year old light structures were causing tremendous stress for seventy year old roof.


  • Occupy Eugene camp could cost hundreds their Market jobs
    The occupation has set up a tent city right where the downtown Tuesday and Saturday Markets take place, forcing market organizers to move. The occupiers are not clear on when they will leave.


  • Occupy Eugene tent city is mostly quiet
    So far, Occupy Eugene, the tent city that rose overnight on the Park Blocks on Oak Street between Eighth Avenue and Park Street, hasn’t disrupted business much in that part of downtown. Patrons were free to enter nearby banks, offices and retail busi…


  • Enrollment rates reach all-time high for University, OUS
    University officials estimate enrollment and retention rates to be at record-breaking highs for the 2011-12 academic school year. Although official numbers have yet to be released, total enrollment for the University this fall term is estimated to be a…


  • The District closes temporarily with hopes of reinvention
    Shootings, a stabbing, shady people and cheap drinks have all been part of the rumored image of The District nightclub in recent years. This image is why the owners have temporarily shut down the club in an attempt to find a new look and clientele. The…


  • Darron Thomas jogs out of practice
    After leaving Oregon’s 41-27 win over Arizona State in the 3rd quarter Saturday, Darron Thomas jogged out of practice inside the Moshofsky Center Monday.


Tim Chuey Weather:

More sunshine and warmer for your Tuesday. How long can the Summer-like weather last?

High: 72
Low: 44
Rain: slight chance

high pressure ridge (“arch” on the orange jet stream line) is strengthening up to give us some more dry days. High pressure at the surface will combine with the upper air ridge to clear us out for some more sunshine today. Another upper level low (“U” shape on jet stream line) will set up off the coast and a frontal system will move in to by Thursday to bring back the rain and cooler temperatures.

Forecast for the Southern and lower Mid Willamette Valley including Eugene-Springfield and Albany-Corvallis:  Partly cloudy with patchy fog this AM, sunny and a bit warmer this afternoon, partly cloudy with a slight (20%) chance of showers in the evening, mostly cloudy with a (30%) chance of showers late tonight, mostly cloudy with a slight (20%) chance of rain Wednesday AM, a  mix of clouds and sun and a bit cooler in the afternoon,  just mostly cloudy Wednesday night, a mix of clouds and sun Thursday, then mostly cloudy with a slight (20%) chance of rain Thursday night highs 72-60 lows 46-44. Mostly cloudy with a (30%) chance of rain Friday, a slight (20%) chance of rain Friday night, a mix of clouds and sun with a slight (20%) chance of rain Saturday, mostly cloudy with a (30%) chance of rain Saturday night, a mix of clouds and sun with a (30%) chance of rain Sunday, mostly cloudy with a (40%) chance of rain Sunday night, then mostly cloudy with a (30%) chance of rain Monday highs near 63 lows near 45. (seasonal averages high 63 low 41)

Because weather forecasting is a combination of science, intuition, and timing there can be no absolute guarantees that individual forecasts will be 100% accurate. Nature is in a constant state of flux and sudden unexpected weather events can happen.

Keep Current on the Weather: timchueyweather4u.com


October 4 – Morning Headlines

EWEB will "vote" on proposed 5% rate increase. The last vote was for a 3.1% increase last May, with another vote on a proposed rate increase expected next Spring.


  • State board to decide on UO setting up its own police department
    A state board will decide Friday whether to allow the University of Oregon to set up its own police department staffed by sworn officers, giving them the same authority as state or local police. The request before the state Board of Higher Education wo…
  • Reward offered in Oakridge burglary case
    A reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest in connection with a residential burglary in which more than $10,000 worth of items were stolen. Oakridge police said numerous pieces of expensive jewelry — including ring…
  • Fishermen raise alarm about yard debris dumped into Willamette
    A floating island of discarded branches, logs, square plywood boards and plant trimmings in the shallows of the Willamette River caught the attention of two avid fishermen and river advocates this weekend. John Brown and Todd Linklater, both of Eugene,…
  • Eugene police officer pleads ‘no contest’ in DUII case
    A Eugene police patrol officer who pleaded no contest last month in Deschutes County to a charge of driving under the influence of intoxicants has been reassigned pending the outcome of an internal investigation, police Lt. Scott Fellman said. The offi…

Tim Chuey Weather:

Lots of rain, more winds, a bit warmer, then cooler temperatures.

High: 66
Low: 43
Rain: likely

An upper air trough of low pressure (“U” shape on the orange jet stream line) is sending even more moist cooler air our way. One frontal system came through already and a second even stronger one is sweeping through Oregon dropping more rain on us. A warm front (still offshore to our Southwest) will come in first then the cold front behind it Tuesday giving us the cloudiness and moisture of early Autumn.

Forecast for the Southern and lower Mid Willamette Valley including Eugene-Springfield and Albany-Corvallis: Cloudy with showers likely (60%) this evening, a good (50%) chance of showers tonight (0.10 in. of rain possible), mostly cloudy with a slight (20%) chance of showers Tuesday AM, a good (50%) chance of showers Tuesday afternoon (0.10 in. of rain possible), rain Tuesday night (0.50 in. of rain possible), showers likely (60%) Wednesday  AM, showers with a slight (20%) chance of thunderstorms Wednesday afternoon, a (40%) chance of evening showers, a slight (20%) chance of showers late Wednesday night, just mostly cloudy Thursday, then partly cloudy with a slight (20%) chance of showers Thursday night lows 47-40 warming to near 45 Thursday night highs 64-59. A mix of clouds and sun with a slight (20%) chance rain Friday and Saturday, mostly cloudy with a slight (20%) chance of rain Friday night, mostly cloudy with a (40%) chance of rain Saturday night, a good (50%) chance of rain Sunday, a (40%) chance of rain Sunday night, then a (30%) chance of rain Monday (Columbus Day) highs 63-66 lows 43-50. (seasonal averages high 70 low 43)

Because weather forecasting is a combination of science, intuition, and timing there can be no absolute guarantees that individual forecasts will be 100% accurate. Nature is in a constant state of flux and sudden unexpected weather events can happen.

Keep Current on the Weather: timchueyweather4u.com

designBridge and The Small Farmers Project


Carrying on a six-year tradition of student-initiated design/build projects for grassroots, community-based groups, a team of UO architecture students from the organization designBridge is preparing for the ribbon-cutting celebration of dB’s first structure oriented towards sustainable agriculture. The most recently completed project is an effort of fifteen students who were commissioned by the Small Farmers’ Project to design and build a structure to house a tractor, berry cooler and vending space.

The Small Farmers’ Project formed in 2008 as a project of the local non-profit Huerto de la Familia (the Family Garden). The organization provides low-income Latino families the opportunity and instruction to grow their own food in community gardens, and to create micro-businesses related to agricultural products. The Small Farmers’ Project now functions as an independent organic berry farm that is cooperatively owned and run by low-income seven families from Mexico and Peru. They produce several varieties of strawberries and blackcap raspberries, a Northwest heritage crop. This year’s purchase of a tractor has significantly augmented the farm’s level of production, and in turn, each family’s income.

Since the farmers lease their land, they anticipate that they may have to move once their lease expires. The student team therefore designed the structure to be fully disassembled, transported, and reassembled in its new location. “Design for disassembly,” an important and growing approach to sustainable architecture, played an influential role in the students’ design process. “Part of sustainability is flexibility, being able to adapt to changing circumstances while maintaining utility and relevance,” one student explains. “The Small Farmers’ Project tractor shed will continue to serve their evolving needs even if the farm moves to a new location.”

designBridge is a multi-disciplinary student organization linking the University of Oregon with the surrounding community by offering design and design-build services to clients. The focus is to bring the resources and energy of students to communities and organizations that don’t have access or resources to acquire professional design services.

The ribbon cutting ceremony will take place at the berry farm,located at 511 E. Beacon Drive on Saturday, October 8th from 2pm – 5pm. The event is open to the public.


Heather Ferrell
designBridge PR Manager
M.Arch Student, University of Oregon

October 3 – Morning Headlines

Coos Bay to Eugene Rail Line to re-open.


  • Shippers eagerly await reopening of Coos Bay-Eugene rail line
    For the past four months, Oregon Resources Corporation has been loading chromite bound for metal foundries and another mineral known as “high iron” onto trucks, heading east. Moving the product to the valley by truck probably increases…
  • Locked bikes are latest ploy to discourage downtown loitering
    Visitors to Olive Street and Broadway downtown may have noticed a few changes of late — aggressive panhandling is down, and the number of bicycles locked to planter railings seems to be up. The Eugene Police Department says the changes are no coincid…
  • Brides-to-be line up for dress dash
    Hundreds of brides-to-be lined up at Valley River Inn Saturday for a mad dash to save some cash on dresses.
  • Japanese band Melt Banana plays the WOW Hall
    Japanese metal band Melt Banana visited Eugene’s WOW Hall on Saturday, October 1, 2011. They played a very fun, energetic show matching their fast paced drums and guitar riffs with the staccato lyrics of singer, Yako. Lead singer of Melt Banana…
  • Oregon soccer splits weekend matches against UCLA, USC
    The Oregon women’s soccer team came away with a series split this weekend in Los Angeles, losing against No. 2 UCLA on Friday before rebounding to defeat USC on Sunday. The Ducks (6-5-1, 1-2 Pac-12) escaped with a 2-1 victory against USC (3-9-0,…
  • Oregon men’s tennis grabs two doubles titles at Bulldog Classic
    The Oregon men’s tennis team came away with both the “A” and “B” Open Doubles titles at the Bulldog Classic in Fresno, Calif., over the weekend, capping an impressive showing over the tournament’s three days. Junior …

Tim Chuey Weather:

The Autumn rainy season has gotten underway as we look forward to a wet week.

High: 64  Low: 42  Rain: 60%

An upper air trough of low pressure (“U” shape on the orange jet stream line) is sending even more moist cooler air our way. One frontal system came through already and a second even stronger one (shown offshore) is sweeping into Oregon dropping more rain on us.

Forecast for the Southern and lower Mid Willamette Valley including Eugene-Springfield and Albany-Corvallis: Mostly cloudy with showers today (0.25 in. of rain possible), showers likely (60%) tonight (0.10 in. of rain possible), cloudy with a good (50%) chance of showers Tuesday AM, a good (50%) chance of rain in the afternoon, rain Tuesday night, showers with a slight (20%) chance of thunderstorms Wednesday afternoon, then showers likely (60%) Wednesday night highs 64-57 lows 47-42. Mostly cloudy with a (30%) chance of showers Thursday, a slight (20%) chance of showers Thursday night, a (30%) chance of showers Friday, mostly cloudy with a slight (20%) chance of showers Friday night, partly cloudy with a slight (20%) chance of showers Saturday, mostly cloudy with a slight (20%) chance of showers Saturday night, then mostly cloudy with a (40%) chance of showers Sunday highs 60-66 lows 44-47. (seasonal averages high 70 low 43)

Because weather forecasting is a combination of science, intuition, and timing there can be no absolute guarantees that individual forecasts will be 100% accurate. Nature is in a constant state of flux and sudden unexpected weather events can happen.

Keep Current on the Weather: timchueyweather4u.com

September 29 – Morning Headlines

Propane comes to Springfield PD.


  • Fire Temporarily Shuts Down Franz Bakery
    About 40 Franz Bakery employees had to evacuate after a fire started in a crouton oven.   Employees say smoke started billowing from the oven and flames went up the flue just after ten o’clock Wednesday night.   “It worried …
  • Kitzhaber embraces Junction City facility idea
    Gov. John Kitzhaber stressed his long-term commitment to community-based mental health care at a Wednesday town hall meeting in Junction City, and said building a state psychiatric facility here fits in with that vision. “I would no…
  • Final Brink restitution set
    Convicted embezzler and former Downtown Eugene Inc. director Russ Brink is to pay more than $90,000 in restitution to his former employer over the next five years, under an agreement approved by a Lane County Circuit Court Judge. Read more in Thursday …
  • Police re-arrest sex offender
    A man with previous convictions for sexually abusing children has been arrested a second time in connection with reports he had recently approached children at Riverbend Elementary School. Randy Tompkins, 48, was taken into custody at h…
  • Company that wants to buy your old guitar has fans and critics
    An Illinois company that specializes in drawing valuables out of a city’s closets has set up in Eugene-Springfield for a seventh time in a little over 18 months. THR & Associates has purchased precious metals from residents here under the name Oh…
  • Arlie drops out from VA clinic race
    Eugene-based Arlie & Co. said Wednesday it has dropped out of the race to land a new federal Veterans Administration clinic. The company said it had withdrawn its offer of the Eugene Crescent Village site for the clinic. Read more in Thursday’s R…
  • Construction to begin on new Planned Parenthood facility in Glenwood
    A large, invitation-only crowd attended a groundbreaking ceremony today for the new $8.5-million Planned Parenthood regional center in Glenwood, which is expected to be completed by the end of next summer. Politicians, members of studen…
  • The Best Behind The Wheel
    Hyper-observant and detail-oriented, trucker Edward Hawkins of Springfield is the nation’s top flatbed driver. And that’s not just what his friends and family say. In Orlando, Fla., last month, Hawkins took the first-place trophy and $1,000 in the …
  • Springfield tests propane police car
    The same propane you use to fire up your grill might also be used someday to fire up what’s behind the grill at the Springfield Police Department.

Tim Chuey Weather:

A great way to end the week with more sun and warmer temperatures. The weekend is a whole other story.

High: 85
Low: 45
Rain: unlikely

A  ridge of high pressure (“Arch” shape on orange line) will take over for a day or two drying us out and warming us up. A frontal system will come in late in the week along with a new trough of low pressure to return at least the chance of precipitation again.

Forecast for the Southern and lower Mid Willamette Valley including Eugene-Springfield and Albany-Corvallis: Mostly sunny today, mostly clear in the evening, partly cloudy  tonight, a mix of clouds and sun Friday, mostly cloudy with a slight (20%) chance of showers late Friday night and Saturday AM, a (40%) chance of showers Saturday afternoon and evening, then a (30%) chance of showers late Saturday night  highs 85-67 lows 45-52. Mostly cloudy with a slight (20%) chance of showers Sunday and Sunday evening, a (40%) chance of rain late Sunday night, mostly cloudy with a good (50%) chance of rain Monday and Monday evening, rain likely (60%) late Monday night, rain Tuesday and Tuesday night, then rain likely (60%) Wednesday highs 70-56 lows 52-46. (seasonal averages high 72 low 44)

Because weather forecasting is a combination of science, intuition, and timing there can be no absolute guarantees that individual forecasts will be 100% accurate. Nature is in a constant state of flux and sudden unexpected weather events can happen.

Keep Current on the Weather: timchueyweather4u.com


Records Are Made To Be Broken


What a performance, huh?  LaMichael James ran wild for 288 yards in Oregon’s 56-31 victory against Arizona.  More impressive is the fact that he also had 363 all-purpose yards, and both are new school records. It has also continued the chatter that this might the best back to ever wear a Duck uniform.

LaMichael James rewrote a couple records against Arizona. (Photo Credit: Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

I bring this up, because I remember the last time both records were set in 2001.  The Ducks were playing at Washington State, and wound up beating the Cougars 24-17.  Well, actually some would argue that Onterrio Smith single-handedly won that game in Pullman, because he ran for 285 yards, as well as 342 all-purpose yards in the effort.

Funny thing is, even though Onterrio was outstanding during his two brief seasons, I haven’t heard many folks say he was one of the top five running backs in Oregon history.  (For the record, I would have him in my top ten, but I can name at least five that were better).  But for one day, Onterrio Smith set a couple records that weren’t touched until this past weekend.

It took a decade before someone touched those records, and it may very well take another decade before they are surpassed.  But I have a feeling, while LaMichael probably will go down as the greatest ever, that these marks will not stand forever.  Records are, after all, made to be broken.  (Particularly if they are Lawrence Welk records…).

Now let’s switch to the other side of the ball.  I know there are some of you that cringed at the play of Oregon’s defense on Saturday.  Yes, the Ducks had a 35-9 lead at halftime, but then Nick Foles went off in the second half.  If you blinked, it was suddenly 35-24 after two Wildcat possessions, and suddenly (for a brief spell) it was a game again.

Well, I’m here to tell you not to panic just yet.  First off, Nick Foles is going to throw for 400 yards or more against a lot of teams this year.  He’s got a great arm and a great cast of receivers.  However, keep this in mind:  the Ducks pressured him on many occasions and even sacked him a few times.

Does that excuse the defense giving up 22 points in the second half?  No.  But this group has too much talent not to improve as the season goes along.  Moreover, defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti has been pretty adept at making adjustments over the years.

Besides, will his defensive schemes ever be mistaken for the Steel Curtain defenses of the 1970’s?  Of course not.  It always has been (and I know Aliotti despises this term) “bend, but don’t break” with him.

Let’s put it this way:  The Oregon defense would not necessarily be ready for a game against Stanford this weekend.  But in November?  It could be an entirely different story.

Chip Kelly is still driving opposing coaches nuts with the pacing of his offense. (Photo Credit: Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

What won’t be a different story is the overall pacing of Chip Kelly’s offense.  They were in fine form in Tucson, scoring anywhere from 1-2 minutes at a time.  Honestly, regardless of how the defense is doing, if Oregon is averaging over 40 points a game, they’re going to be hard to stop (and that includes the Cardinals).  In fact, it’s enough to drive some coaches crazy.

Speaking of which, I usually don’t like to go on record on what I think about coaches from other schools, but Arizona’s top guy Mike Stoops needs a psychiatrist.  Did you see his antics on the sidelines against Oregon?  I know he’s always been a little over the top, and his going on the field to bark his head off at the referees is nothing new.

But it used to be every other play.  Now, it seems like he’s pulling this stunt after every single down.  Honestly, it’s kind of surprise someone from the conference hasn’t taken action against him by now.  Then again, it may be a moot point.  If he keeps losing games this season (a very good possibility), Mike Stoops will probably be out of a job when it’s all said and done.

Now then, there would usually be a game prediction in this column.  But since there is no game this weekend, I really can’t do that.

What I can do is use this week to expand my coverage and make this sports page even better.  I have said that I want to make this the “go-to” sports page in the Eugene area.  It isn’t there yet, but it will be in a matter of time.  If you’ve got a suggestion, send it to [email protected] – you just never know.

Until then, I’ll see you in the bleachers.

Sam Finley  – Sports Editor EDN


The Saturday Morning Post

A new economy?


  • City cracks down on vendors
    The crackdown on “Shakedown Street” began Friday afternoon, when Eugene police began issuing tickets to unlicensed vendors who jammed into an Alton Baker Park parking lot in advance of the band Furthur’s three-night concert series at Cuthbert Amp…
  • Drug Shortage Endangering Patients
    A severe drug shortage of life-saving medications is endangering patients across the country.   The shortage is forcing hospitals to buy the drugs from secondary suppliers at exorbitant markups because they can’t get them any other w…
  • Eugene school district OKs final labor contract
    The Eugene School District finalized a contract with classified employees this week that includes similar concessions already agreed to by teachers and administrators for the coming school year. The concessions — worth almost $4 million — will allo…
  • Man charged with illegal entry at Lookout Point Dam
    A 21-year-old Eugene man faces federal charges alleging he entered into and took pictures from a restricted area atop Lookout Point Dam, but it appears the incursion was not part of any plot to sabotage the dam. Wiley Roy Nelson is charged with one cou…
  • Grants Available to Improve Downtown Eugene Lighting
    Some downtown Eugene business can apply for grants to improve their lighting.   The projects must create a safe, pedestrian friendly environment for businesses facing Broadway between Lincoln and Pearl Streets, and facing Willamette b…
  • Key Bank in north Eugene robbed
    Police were searching this morning for a man who robbed a Key Bank branch at 1980 River Road in north Eugene. The hold-up was reported at 9:05 a.m. A man who wore dark sunglasses over his eyes reportedly entered the bank and robbed it, a police spokesw…
  • Merkley Cosponsoring Bill to Renovate Schools
    Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) announced Thursday he’s cosponsoring a bill that would provide funds to create construction jobs to modernize, renovate and repair school buildings.   The Fix America’s Schools Today (FAST) Act would help eleme…
  • Springfield Apartment Fire Caused by Lighters
    Springfield officials say two juveniles, playing with lighters, caused a fire that heavily damaged a building at an apartment complex near the Gateway Mall.   The fire broke out Thursday night  in the Gateway Village Apartments
  • Local Skating Programs Running on Reserves
    The Lane County Ice Center nearly closed for good earlier this year, but private donors stepped up to keep it open through next spring.   Supporters paid for rink repairs, but funding to keep the skating programs alive is quickly disappearing.  …

Tim Chuey Weather:

Saturday will still have plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. The big change starts Sunday when the clouds increase and so does the chance of rain.

GAMEDAY: The Ducks vs Arizona in Tucson: Kickoff  7:15 PM Sunny and hot near 93 cooling to near 78 by the end of the game.

An upper level trough of low pressure is moving toward the Pacific Northwest bringing back the chance of rain with it. Autumn is officially here, but well have one more day of summer-like weather before cooler temperatures and the chance of rain push in. A cold front will weaken as it moves across Oregon, but there will still be a chance of rain by Sunday. Following closely behind will be another frontal system to increase the chances of precipitation.

Forecast for the Southern and lower Mid Willamette Valley including Eugene-Springfield and Albany-Corvallis: Partly cloudy with patchy fog this AM, mostly sunny in the afternoon, partly cloudy this evening, becoming mostly cloudy late tonight, rain likely (60%) Sunday AM, afternoon showers likely (60%) and cooler, then a good (50%) chance of showers Sunday night, cloudy with a good (50%) chance of rain Monday and Monday night highs 82-69 lows 53-50. Mostly cloudy with a (30%) chance of rain Tuesday AM, mostly cloudy with a slight (20%) chance of showers Tuesday afternoon and Tuesday night, just mostly cloudy Wednesday, then mostly cloudy with a slight (20%) chance of showers Wednesday night through Friday highs 72-76 lows near 50. (seasonal averages high 75 low 45)

Because weather forecasting is a combination of science, intuition, and timing there can be no absolute guarantees that individual forecasts will be 100% accurate. Nature is in a constant state of flux and sudden unexpected weather events can happen.

Keep Current on the Weather: timchueyweather4u.com

Oregon Drops Pac-12 Opener 2-0


The Ducks started conference play on a sour note. Defender Scout Libke summed up Friday’s disappointing 2-0 loss to Utah in Oregon’s Pac-12 opener succinctly.

“We put in a lot of effort,” she said. “Everyone was working together, that type of thing but at the end of the day, that’s not going to win games. We have to figure out how to score goals.”

That they do. The Ducks missed several missed opportunities early. They let the Utes take control of the contest when a scramble in front of the Oregon goal allowed Utah’s Harley Speir to rattle home the winning marker at 48:18.

Just seven minutes later, Utah sealed the victory when Leslie Muirhead converted a nice cross from Erin Dalley.

Content at that point to pack in the defense, Utah weathered a number of Oregon chances. However, the Ducks could never quite get the ball on goal.

Neither team offered a barrage of shots to defend. Oregon was credited with only three shots on goal. Utah only had four. Corner kicks were also at a premium, as Utah was again only credited with four and the Ducks with a mere three.

“I thought we dominated them possession wise,” said Libke. “But they (Utah) were gritty and they found the goals. Even the ugliest goals can win you games, and they proved that.

“We can possess the ball all we want,” said head coach Tara Erickson. “But we have to figure out a way to step in and score the goal. You are not going to get chance after chance.”

Erickson credited Utah for taking advantage of Oregon’s misfortunes.

“I thought Utah stuck to their game plan to pump the ball down the field,” she explained. They were able to find a way to get the ball in the back of the net.”

But the Oregon coach also hopes that her young team can build on the fact they didn’t give up down the stretch, either.

“I have to make sure that as a coach that I show them the positives from the game,” said Erickson.  “Because there a lot of positives. There were seven young freshmen out there and they played some good possession soccer, so those are positives. I have got to help them understand the next level of what we are trying to get to and, like I say, keep them positive.”

As for Erickson’s players, they’re ready to put this tough loss behind them in a hurry.

“The Pac-12 goes by so fast,” said forward Julie Armstrong. “You can’t hang on (to the loss) too long or the next game is here.”

Can the Ducks recover from this loss before then?

“I think if we have the right mindset, yeah” said Armstrong. “But we need to get it there first.”

The setback drops Oregon’s season record to 5-4-1. The Ducks will be on the road for their next five matches, starting at UCLA next Friday night.

Oregon’s next home appearance is on Friday, October 21. That’s when the Ducks will host the Washington Huskies at Pape Field beginning at 7:00 pm.

— Rick Morgan for EDN




DUCK FOOTBALL: Patient, But Powerful


Tra Carson never had a shortage of football while growing up in Texarkana, Texas.  He’ll even concede that it’s almost like a religion in that part of the country.

“Football is a big part life in Texas,” said Carson. “If you go to any city on Friday night, and everyone is basically at the high school football games or they’re listening on the radio.”

Tra Carson is considered very mature for a freshman.

Then again, the Oregon freshman running back didn’t just go to any high school.  Carson played at Liberty-Eylau, which also produced another Duck you might’ve heard of: LaMichael James.  But Tra is quick to playfully dismiss any mythical qualities that might be associated with the institution.

“I think it has to do with the coaching,” he laughed about his alma mater. “We have some great coaching over there to help us perform in ways, I guess, that other schools can’t.  But really, a lot of great athletes have come out of the state of Texas.”

While Carson may have attended the same high school as LaMichael, he’s not necessarily the same type of running back.  Standing at 6’0 and weighing 227 pounds, Tra is probably able to use his size in ways that the smaller and speedier guys like James, Kenjon Barner, and De’Anthony Thomas can’t.

“I’m more of a power back,” stated Carson. “But I’ve got some moves, too.”

Carson’s teammates agree with that assessment, considering him to be potential change of pace for the Oregon running game.

“He’s one of our strongest runners,” said quarterback Darron Thomas. “He’s more of a power guy, but he’s got good speed. He’s very agile for his size.”

The agility that Carson possesses might make him fast enough to play for a Pac-12 program, but said the pacing has been the biggest adjustment he’s had to make since switching to the college game.

“The speed of the game is different,” claimed Carson. “It’s a very physical game.  Without question, it’s a lot different from high school.”

Tra also believes the dietary standards are a bit different at the higher level, too.

Carson ran for 82 yards against Missouri State. (Photo Courtesy: goDucks.com)

“I try to have a little more fruit,” he said with a slight grin. “Growing up as a kid, all you want to have is fast food.  But coming up here, you have to maintain a certain weight, so I try to stay away from that.”

What Carson hasn’t had to stay away from is the support of his fellow running backs like James and Barner.

“They just try to teach you to practice hard every day,” said Carson. “They’ve told me not to count my reps, but to make every rep count.”

Tra has taken their advice, and the coaches have taken notice.

“I think Tra’s progression has been outstanding,” said Oregon head coach Chip Kelly. “He’s one of those kids that came in here, and I mean this as a compliment, and was never a freshman.  From day one, he’s just picked things up with a great deal of maturity.  I just kind of knew within the first three days of camp that he had what it took from a mentality standpoint to play early here.”

“Tra is doing really well,” explained running backs coach Gary Campbell. “He doesn’t make a lot of errors. When guys play that way, they’re going to get to play more.”

Tra can smile and patiently wait for more playing time.

Carson has made the most of his playing time.  He ran for 82 yards on nine carries during the Ducks’ 56-7 rout against Missouri State.  Tra is also currently Oregon’s third leading rusher this season with 6.4 yards per carry.

“It’s fun,” he said about the playing time he’s received. “I just keep working hard, so I can get better each and every day, as well as continue to please the coaches.”

Of course, Tra Carson can only get so many carries in a game, when there are three other very talented backs on the squad.  But right now, he’s content to play whatever role is asked of him and wait for his chances accordingly.

“It doesn’t really frustrate me,” he claimed. “I’m just trying to come in, do my part, and be patient. I’m not trying to rush anything, because I know my time will come.”

Everything Just Keeps Moving Along


By Sam Finley, EDN

Happy Tuesday, everyone.  It was certainly a happy Saturday for Duck fans after Oregon thumped lowly Missouri State 56-7. Yes, you have to take the win with a slight pinch of salt (considering the opponent), but one of the more impressive performances had to come from running back LaMichael James.

LaMichael James ran for 204 yards and three touchdowns against Missouri State. (Photo Credit: Eric Evans)

The Ducks’ all-time leading rusher looked sluggish against LSU and ran for under 100 yards in the Nevada game. (To be fair, De’Anthony Thomas’ coming out party had something to do with that).


On Saturday, however, LaMichael looked like his old Heisman Trophy contending self again. 204 rushing yards and three touchdowns will do that. Oregon running backs’ coach Gary Campbell said it was just a matter of time before James busted loose again.

“I wasn’t surprised by it,” claimed Campbell.  “I’ve seen him make those kind of runs before.  It was certainly something I was glad to see happen, because I hadn’t seen it in awhile, it didn’t surprise me at all.”

Funny that Campbell mentions something that hasn’t been seen in awhile.  You see, last week, I talked about the great running backs that Gary Campbell had coached at Oregon and made a slight error.  While the all the other names I threw out were correct, for some reason I put down the name Rueben Mayes.

Now, Rueben Mayes did play very well inside Autzen Stadium.  In 1984, he ran for 357 yards, but did so playing for the Washington State Cougars.  Thus, not only did Mayes never wear an Oregon jersey, but given the geographical locations between Pullman and Eugene, there was no way that Gary Campbell could have ever coached him in the early 1980’s.

I take pride in getting my facts right and, as your humble sports editor, wish to apologize for this inexcusable mistake.  All I can do is what LaMichael James has done in the past couple of games, which is move on and try to do better the next time.

Speaking of the next time, let’s talk about the Ducks’ big game in Tucson this weekend.  Oregon starts the Pac-12 portion of their schedule against the Arizona Wildcats.  Led by quarterback Nick Foles, they posess an offensive attack that they haven’t seen this season.

“The first opponent (LSU) that we played was more of a two back, ace package type of team,” said Oregon defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti. “Nevada was more of a pistol team, and Missouri State was a combination of a pistol and spread offense.  Now we’re playing a a four wide passing team, which is very unique for a defensive coordinator.  It keeps us young and healthy (laughs).”


No question, the Arizona offense can put up the passing yards, and they will be a much stiffer joust than the Oregon defense has faced the past two weeks.  But the Wildcats have some holes on that side of the ball, too.

Arizona does not have a proven running back, and their offensive line is spotty. Going by those factors alone, the Ducks should be able to shut down Foles’ passing ability at some point.

Cliff Harris could be a huge factor for Oregon this weekend. (Photo Credit: Eric Evans)

That being said, throw this little potential portion into the equation:  Though Aliotti couldn’t confirm what his role will be, I have a feeling that Cliff Harris is going to get his first significant amount of playing time since coming off his suspension.  There is no way that Chip Kelly is going to limit him to a play here or there now that the conference title is officially on the line.

Here’s how I see this one going down.  It’ll be an offensive track meet in the desert for a half, but the Wildcats’ offense will be stopped in the second half.  The Ducks, like the title of this column, will keep moving along.  Oregon wins 45-21 over Arizona.

Until next time, I’ll see you in the bleachers.

Sam Finley –  EDN Sports
feedback or story ideas: [email protected]


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