valentines day

Valentine dessert: Double Trouble!


It was 24 hours before Valentine’s Day a few years ago, and I had this vision: What if I layered my chocolate truffle sauce over a rich and buttery hazelnut crust, then smeared on an extra chocolate glaze? How would that turn out, I wondered?

Sweetheart tarts: Express love with a home-cooked meal


Before I get to the sweet treats of Valentine’s Day, let’s consider its savory side. As in gooey mounds of cheese, golden caramelized onions, and smokey bacon, cloaked in creamy custard. That’s right, quiche. Or, in honor of today’s theme, a Sweetheart...

Fall in Love with…The Red Velvet Cocktail!


Yeah, yeah, Valentine’s Day is in a few days and it’s totally a silly Hallmark holiday and LOVE should not be relegated to commercialization and candy hearts…but c’mon! I’m a sucker for that crap! Look at this pretty cocktail that I named The Red Velvet because it’s red and velvety and tastes like a bunch […]
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Behind the Scenes: What’s Love Got To Do With V-day


Valentine's Day is supposed to be about love but anymore it seems to be more about selling flowers, chocolates and Hallmark cards than it is about love. I'm all for a romantic evening, but for love to last it takes more than cute underwear to keep it going.

February 13 – Morning Headlines


Tim Chuey: Wet again, School BLOCKS Valentines Day, Pedestrian vs truck, Spfd City Councilor DUII, barber burglars, gas prices UP, Lane Commissioners vote FOR tax, Sex trafficking forum, Tax enforcement push, Duck golf, Creswell advances to Championship, Olympics dropping wrestling, Jordan Johnson rape trial begins

Wine Down Eugene


When I think about Valentine's Day, both chocolate and wine immediately come to mind, and there's no shortage of either this time of year. Eugene is surrounded by award winning wineries and mouthwatering chocolatiers, and I'm looking forward to sharing a little of both with my valentine.

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