Walter Thurmond

Chip Kelly Update: An Ugly Turn of Events


The Philadelphia Eagles raced out to a 16-3 lead against Miami Sunday in what looked like the easy, hilarious victory that it should have been. Tight end Brent Celek, who usually just blocks these days, caught passes for 14, 20,...

Chip Kelly Update: Winning Is More Fun


The city of Philadelphia was basically on suicide watch after the loss to Dallas, with the only energy wielded by people forming lynch mobs for Chip Kelly. Much of the pessimism was realistic, too. The Eagles’ offense was easily the... Continue reading →

Ducks In The NFL: Kenjon Barner Continues To Shine In Win vs Green Bay


When Chip Kelly was at Oregon, he did one thing particulary well. He won. He did it by putting up a lot of points in a short amount of time. Last night in the NFL Preseason at Lambeau Field against Green Bay it appeared the 2015 Philadelphia Eagles wer... Continue reading →

Chip Kelly Update: “I’m not governed by the fear.”


The winter and spring are long and barren for a football fan, especially one who follows Chip Kelly. The Eagles coach speaks to the press only at press conferences, and he basically doesn’t have any from the day the team... Continue reading →

Chip Kelly Update: Reconditioning the Roster


Since our last update, the Eagles have finished their draft and signed a bunch of free agents to complete their roster. They also made some key staffing changes, which helps us understand some of those roster additions. I’m talking about the... Continue reading →

Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles Have A Wild Week


Chip Kelly has been called everything from genius (to which he responded Jonas Salk is a genius,) to mad scientist, to crazy. As Oregon, a team known for reinventing themselves, heads towards a tradition of honoring Oregon troops in their spring game, ... Continue reading →

NFL Free Agency: Former Oregon CB Thurmond Signs With Philadelphia


Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly is in the process of rebuilding his team from the ground up, it seems. Fans around the country, including at Oregon are looking at the moves he is making and likely thinking he is nuts. Last week he traded Runn... Continue reading →

Chip Kelly’s Magic Trick Turns Ducks into Eagles


According to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter, six former Ducks will be available for contracts in free agency – FB Will Tukuafu, TE Dante Rosario, TE Ed Dickson, OL Adam Snyder, LB Spencer Paysinger, and CB Walter Thurmond III. What...

New York Giants Cornerback Walter Thurmond Lost for the Season


The New York Giants are among several teams that have drafted former Oregon Ducks on defense the last few years. Walter Thurmond spent time on one of the best defenses in the country last season with the Seattle Seahawks and signed a deal to play with ... Continue reading →

Former Oregon Cornerback Thurmond Signs with New York Giants


Late last week on social media Free Agent Cornerback Walter Thurmond began a Twitter war of sorts when he announced he was considering leaving and was set to visit the San Francisco 49ers. Well, that meeting did not pan out as the for the former Oregon... Continue reading →

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