Washington Huskies

Oregon’s Niche in the Cycle of Pac-12 Football Dominance


Over the past 50 years or so there have been many great teams in the Pac-8/10/12, but only a few teams have risen to the top to dominate the conference over an extended time period. There are common threads among...

Party Like It’s 1994!!


Had the streak against Washington ended last year, no one would have batted an eye. It would have been natural conditions for it to end: game in Seattle, the Huskies with a winning record, coming off a big win at...

Why You Hate the Oregon Ducks


This article is for the fans of every other Pac-12 team. These are the fans that hate the Oregon Ducks, even though the reason is different for each and every one. The dislike could be caused by Oregon’s sparkling facilities...

The Top 6 Tests Oregon Will Face in 2016


Given that the landscape of the Pac-12 has changed so dramatically it’s worthwhile to dive into the schedule and attempt to project the teams that will present the stiffest tests for Oregon. We lost to Washington State at home last year...

Are We Entitled? Is That a Bad Thing?


“Entitled.” Some people use it a weapon when discussing fan behavior. Sort of a “drop-the-mic and declare victory” moment. Critical of the defense? “Oh, you’re entitled.” Critical of the coaching? “You should lose your entitlement attitude.” Disappointed over a season...

Ducks Expect to Dominate Bye in This Week’s Action


Welcome to the most relieved website on Earth. Just when it appeared the Ducks’ domination of the Huskies might come to an end, Washington turned to its hurry-up offense and scored in just under a Millenia. This week, Oregon takes a...

The Certainty of Uncertainty


Sitting at breakfast Saturday morning, an older Oregon fan gave me a hearty “Go Ducks!” as he walked by. Then he approached me, leaned in, and with the protracted delivery that lets one know that wisdom is about to be... Continue reading →

Our True Rival and Why We Hate Them


The new term has just begun and this means that there are many new fans for the student section. However, a startling new trend has befallen Oregon. Due to our recent dominance over Washington, some fans have begun to think... Continue reading →

Dear Ducks: If Ever, Let It Be This Week


“We compete against ourselves.” “We play them one game at a time.” “Our opponents are faceless.” These are all axioms you have heard from football coaches from Pee Wee ball to the NFL. They are ways of saying no one&... Continue reading →

A Second Income for FishDuck


Hello, Ducks. Well, we have hinted about it in weeks past. Now it’s time to come clean. The Golden Era of FishDuck.com All gone. We have fallen on hard times. Road trips which were a few hours in the company jet... Continue reading →

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