Washington State Cougars

Ducks Expect to Dominate Bye in This Week’s Action


Welcome to the most relieved website on Earth. Just when it appeared the Ducks’ domination of the Huskies might come to an end, Washington turned to its hurry-up offense and scored in just under a Millenia. This week, Oregon takes a...

The Ducks Have to Know Themselves Before They Can Be Good


There was a theme to Saturday’s game, from the pioneer uniforms to the football team reunion; much of the focus was on the past. It is understandable why that would be the concentration of everyone’s attention: Thus far, 2015 has..&... Continue reading →

WSU Postgame: “I Wish I Was in There Celebrating with My Teammates”


“I wish I was in there celebrating with my teammates right now, there’s just a really good energy in there.” – Washington State quarterback Luke Falk following Saturday’s game. Eight straight games Washington State had dro... Continue reading →

An Analysis of the Lurking Cougars


The Ducks offense was interesting last week. I felt like I was watching an Ohio State game with two quarterbacks rotating every few drives or even mid-drive. Coach Mark Helfrich has said that he may continue with this rotation between... Continue reading →

A Look Into How Oregon Stacks Up Against the Pac-12 North


As a student at the University of Oregon, and a diehard fan of the Ducks, it’s frustrating to see how concerned people are with the football team heading into this season. It seems as if every fan is saying “The... Continue reading →

Broncos Plot to Replace Cougs


Mike Merrell’s Three and Out A recent article posted on obnug.com declared that the Pac-12 could make a “butt load of money by dumping Wazzou [sic].” It’s an idea that has some merit. There’s no way the Cougars could be&#4... Continue reading →

Around the Conference in Cartoon Characters


December 17, 1989, was the day “The Simpsons” dethroned Cosby before his “hobby” had a chance to do the job. In the 26 years since, TV’s first prime-time cartoon has presented viewers with many memorable characters. With t... Continue reading →

The Mighty Ducks Are Flying High


Don’t look now, but the Oregon Ducks men’s basketball team is 17-7 (7-4 Pac-12) and currently in third place in the Pac-12 standings. Wait, what? Did you just read that correctly? Yes. As a matter of fact you did. Coming...

Preview of Ducks and Cougars Showdown


It’s game day ladies and gentleman! Oregon is taking on Washington State this afternoon at Matthew Knight Arena in an epic match-up that will most likely be a close one similar to the first game. When the two teams met...

Bye Week Comes at a Fortunate Time for Injury-Decimated Ducks


The Ducks narrowly escaped Pullman, Wash. with a road win against the Washington State Cougars last Saturday on a day that will be remembered as “Survivor Saturday.” Along with Florida State, Alabama, and Oklahoma, the Ducks faced an opponent inferior on paper, yet all four of the nation’s top teams legitimately looked like an upset was very much in the ...

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