Waverly Austin

Nicholas Lucenti Is at the Tail End Of A Fun Ride Playing For The Oregon Ducks


Nicholas Lucenti has had a great experience practicing, traveling and occasionally seeing some playing time for the Oregon Ducks these past four years.

Hungry Ducks, Tasty Win


EUGENE, OR. – What a season it has been for our Oregon Ducks.  Up, down, and all around; it’s been difficult to determine what to think of the team.  Recently, the Ducks have taken the initiative in becoming more consistent as they’ve racked multiple wins, making one final push towards the NCAA Tournament. On Tuesday night, Oregon battled away against the talented ...

Oregon Basketball Analysis: Pickin’ Apart the Wicked Opponent


Nobody likes their opponent.  Ducks’ players shake the opposing team’s hands at the end of every game as a show of sportsmanship, but is the common fan convinced there isn’t at least an ounce of animosity present?  The opponent’s job, goal and sole purpose is to defeat Oregon.  And in that, they are evil by nature and in practice.  The ...

Ducks Basketball Survives Exhibition Scare vs Point Loma


The Oregon Ducks Basketball team looked poor in its close win over the Point Loma Sea Lions in Saturday's exhibition game at Matt Knight Arena.

It was a tale of two halves for Oregon men’s basketball as they beat Point Loma 68-52


Sometimes even a 16-point win leaves a team with a foul taste in its mouth. The Oregon men’s basketball team beat the Point Loma Sea Lions on Saturday by a comfortable score of 68-52, but without big performances from guard Joseph Young and center Waverly Austin, the Ducks might have lost to a team that […]

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