Where Did The Week Go… Nintendo To Discontinue the NES Classic


The NES Classic is no more, a mother throws a poop-themed birthday party for her daughter and former Alabama governor resembles Simpsons character.

Where Did The Week Go… Bigfoot X-ing


Bigfoot causes a woman to crash her car, Trump forgets to sign executive orders and a dad trolls his own son for bad grades in school.

Where Did The Week Go… Robert Kelly’s Live Interview Crashed by His Two Kids


Robert Kelly discusses South Korean politics with his two small children, a Florida lawyer's pants go up in smoke during an arson case and a young man arrested because he can't drive stick.

Where Did The Week Go… The Return of the Woolly Mammoth


Scientists want to bring back the woolly mammoth, Seth Rogen politely asking Trump Jr. to get his dad out of office and U.S. border patrol discovers drug-slinging catapult.

Where Did The Week Go… Charles Oakley Arrested at Knicks Game


Charles Oakley is removed and arrested at New York Knicks game, police in small town threaten potential law-breakers with Justin Bieber and Department of Education misspells late author's name.

Where Did The Week Go… Mail Carrier Jeff Kramer Builds Ramp for Elderly Dog


Colorado Mail Carrier Jeff Kramer Builds Ramp for Elderly Dog Normally a mail carrier’s biggest fear or obstacle when delivering the mail is a rabid dog. But for Jeff Kramer in Boulder, Colorado, the highlight of his route was his daily encounters with Tashi the black lab. “As fast as he could — which was

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