Weber Bodyworks

You Should Know: Weber Bodyworks


There are those who spend a good deal of money on project cars for the pride, and of course the beautiful sight and sound for others. Some enjoy just talking about their cars, and showcasing them at local car shows.

Then there are others who like to get their hands greasy and build those cars themselves. A small, but lively community of local car enthusiasts have come together to build a unique community auto shop. They do not hate on others for their vehicle choice or chosen modifications. They simply encourage creativity, and learning in a shared space to build their own project cars.

Mike Weber opened Weber Bodyworks ten years ago. After a career change, he opened his shop for local car enthusiasts in the community to utilize the shops shared space, and allows the men unlimited access to the inventory of tools in the shop.


“I wanted to open up my shop to the community and allow these guys a place to work on their cars,” said Weber. “It makes me feel good that these guys have a place where they are able to not only build their own vehicles, but grow and learn with one another.”

Weber is working with this group in hopes of changing the negative views that follow the car scene. He is focused on building a safe and clean space where these men can escape that stigma that follows most car enthusiasts. His hope is they can run a legitimate business, and focus solely on their love for cars.

“We are just one big family. That’s the best way to describe it,” said Weber. “A big happy family, that works together to build our dream cars. You can find a hand to help and can give a hand on any project.”


The shop is occupied by a group of six men, including Weber. They all collaborate and work together, and can have as many as four projects at any given time. Currently a 1969 Chevy C10, is being rebuilt by one of the men in the shop, Dave Williams, who has been working with Weber Bodyworks for almost two years.

“It’s important that people know that we are not a service shop,” said Williams. “The shop is focused on the people here and we are all about helping one another, and our mutual love for cars.”

Williams helps manage the space in the shop to ensure each member of the group has ample opportunity to utilize the shop space, and learn from one another.


“Some of these guys are still learning how to do learn new techniques, and they lean on one another for support and teach one another,” said Williams. “Our shop is unique in that we have a group of guys who each excel in different avenues who all come together in almost all of our projects.”

Weber has high hopes for each of these men, and the community he has built in this shop. He hopes to continue to see the shop grow, and the men he works with continue to thrive and learn from one another. Car enthusiasts such as this group of men will always be where the cars are, sharing their love for what a car is, art.