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Tasting 1-2-3: Lamb Sour Diesel (LSD)


Lamb Sour Diesel (LSD)


Barney’s Farm

Hybrid Origins: Mazar x Skunk #1 Flowering: 55-65 days


It doesn’t take a detective to figure out how LSD got its name. This variety lets marijuanas freak flag fly, bringing out pot’s most psychedelic qualities. The Mazar parent is a strain that was probably known by name a decade ago, when it was newer to the scene. Mazar has often been compared with the better known White Widow for the cimilarities in plant and bud structure and effects. Both strains are indicasativa hybrids, although Mazar is more indica heavy, as suggested by the name, which references the presence of Afghani in the parentage and comes from the name af Afghanistan’s fourth largest city, Mazar-e-Sharif.

Barney’s Farm Seed Bank used these long established genetics in combination with the versatile Skunk #1 to create the LSD variety. These parents have passed along many of their strengths. LSD is a hardy, disease-resistant plant that thrives in nearly all reasonable growing conditions. These plants stay light to medium green with leaves that split the difference between sativa and indica thickness. Flowering takes 8 to 9 weeks. At first the LSD plant may seem dense with foliage, but the buds soon outshine the vegetation. LSD buds form slightly curved corkscrew triangles with large stacked calyxes and a profusion of burnished hairs. While plants remain fairly compact and can be staked or grown successfully in a sea of green, LSD also delivers satisfying yields as a multi-branch plant, often reaching 600 grams per square meter. When grown outdoors, LSD plants finish in mid-September.

Diesel Pump

The LSD flavor mixes a slightly nutty and earthy palate with a dank sweet muskiness. Best of all, LSD lives up to its name, delivering a vivid, euphoric experience that stands out from the typical indica stone. While the body high has depth, the strongest sensation is the super trippy psychedelia that will blow the cobwebs out of the corners of your mind. This strain is great in a stimulating environment. Music, food, and colorful imagery will all be enhanced under its influence. However, overindulgence or overly hectic situations may cause a sense of being overwhelmed so it can be good to stay somewhere that also offers a sense of comfort and safety. Medical users have recommended this strain for nausea, anxiety, depression, and headaches.

Winner of the 2008 Cannabis Cup in the Indica Category

Aroma– 8:40 Juicy citrus scent mixed with slight herbal flowers, ammonia strong

Flavor– 8:42 a little harsh,  I think we will trek down to Jambo today and fix that by buying a bong.

8:43 Here we go….. The dryer going sounds are great, I just want to go in and fold some clothes now. Seems like a perfect idea. Now I am talking to my Mate.  Going pretty good at this point he can pick whatever he wants on TV.  I am in my evolving bliss 8:45.  We are just talking it up and laughing.

10:45- ok so quickly I lost myself, and I had so many thoughts to share.  I just skipped it.  Let me tell you though…I think I am brilliant.  I have so much inspiration tonight!!!  If I could only remember all the plans I made.  If I had only written it down like my man suggested.  I think I may need to remember the recording device going forward.

Next Day Sunday 10pm Impromptu visit from my daughter and her Mate.  They want to watch a movie so lets give this another try- Ok so they want to make a gravity bong or Shuttle bong thingy.  Whoa this is awesome.  It hasn’t changed a spec!!! Makes it a lot smoother but oh my god I took the biggest hit ever and pretty sure I am going to be trashed.  Now we are watching Taledega nights.  Ok Non-stop laughing almost borderline crazy giggling.  This movie is so wrong. It is dumb humor and I am loving it.

Now I am up watching movies by myself.  Oh god its 3 am and I can’t sleep.  I can’t get comfortable and I can’t shut off my brain.  Woke up having very scary nightmares all night long.  I woke up screaming at one point.  My daughter reports the same thing.  Oh and this is important.  No appetite.


Overall impression: This one is all over the place, really fun and lots of laughter but throw a cry in there and frost it with sleeplessness and scary dreams.  This one best served with close friends and a fun activity. Score: 3.75

Relationship status: Quite charming.  It’s a fun whirlwind and I am really caught up but my heart feels hollow and I am not sure we will last forever.  It’s not true love and sometimes it makes me really sad.

Pot – ittude Adjustment


Pot – ittude Adjustment

I decided to write a story about weed, or lack thereof. I am working out of town away from all my comforts. Now, I should let you know, I don’t smoke pot all that much. Compared to the old me I am a complete stoner but compared to real pot smokers my habit is laughable.

So here I am at the end of the day and all I can think about is how nice it would be to rip a giant hit and release myself from stress, worry and the general BS I have to face at work right now. Yes, one hit does it for me. I know, I know, lucky!!!!

Does this mean I am trying to escape from my problems? I think not my friends. I have found that pot helps me forget temporarily, lowers my heart rate and allows me to just wallow in my own fantasy world. Who wouldn’t want to drift off into lah-lah land when they have to get up and do it again tomorrow?

Is this the same as trying to forget your problems by drinking yourself into a stupor? Some of you might think so but I call Bullshit. Drinking just makes you not care, become non- productive and gives you an overall numb sensation, I have no problems, feeling. It also can make you think you are tougher than you are, really good looking, super extra smart and megaphone loud. Oh let’s not forget the poor decision making, behaving outside of your character and the long list of “oh god did I really do that last night. Oh and to top it off…that shit ends up on Facebook. I don’t want to give you the impression that I don’t drink. I do and sometimes I think I am a real wino. But on this occasion I just want what my little weed friend can offer. Pure Bliss.

pure bliss

Sooooo, where can I find pot? Let’s see; 1. It’s not legal here. 2. I don’t know anyone to ask. 3. I have no pipe or bong. 3. I have never tried to buy pot from a stranger. I think I will just have to suffer…

What this makes me really think about is how dumb it is that we are unable to bring our supplies with us when we travel. It seems so ludicrous to me that people can bring a suitcase full of prescriptions drugs that they can legally abuse from state to state or country to country, on a plane, train, boat with no hassle. I can even get completely wasted on a plane, sometimes it is even complimentary. I could pop 5 valium and a couple ADHD pills and get on with my bad self.

Someday I hope they have a ‘Flying High Airlines’. Flight staff will wear tie-dye, offer CBD oil, play relaxing music, have groovy snacks and be super friendly. The airport will have a VIP Stoner section for long layovers with comfy places to lie about with soft streaming music.

The other folks can just keep flying on ‘Oh God Please Help Me Airlines’ with the screaming child, the bad coffee, stupid snacks, and weird baggage rules. Those airports will continue to make sure that we are as uncomfortable as possible during lay overs. You have to drink to be able to tolerate how awful it is. Hey? Which airline and airport do you think would be more popular?


So back to the quest for pot.

As it turns out, a colleague of mine that happened to be working in the same location as me was a little bolder than I could be and actually got hooked up be his taxi driver. Ha ha ha that cracks me up. Ask the taxi driver, they know where the weed is? Who knew? So she offered me some. I turned it down. As it turns out I am so worried about doing a good job while I am here that the sensible side of me says “if you want to be sharp tomorrow don’t get baked” which for me is one hit.

Yes, I will admit that even I know that moderation is the key to being a responsible stoner. If I went out and had a few shots of tequila the night before a big day, it would be an awful, long, painful day to remember. Pot works the same way for me so I choose to be responsible and decline her generous offer.


So I head home on Friday. I board my flight and after settling in and getting out my crossword puzzle I hear a baby crying a few seats ahead of me. Oh great this will be an amazing flight. You know it. The baby is fussing the entire flight and I am ready to poke my own eye out by the time we land. So I drink a couple shots of Jameson and try to melt into my uncomfortable, yet better than nothing, oblivion.


Well folks, let me tell you a little something about lessons learned in life. I am so caught up in my own boo hoo hoo this trip, no weed, tiresome work, alone out town, boredom, and then this crazy cranky baby on the trip home that I forget I am not the only person on the planet. I get to Seattle to await my next flight and my friend who happened to be sitting directly behind the screaming babe and her parents meets me at the next gate. I lament over my woes and talk about how much I just want to get home and “God how I hate disruptive and bratty children” blah blah blah. So she tells me that the baby has cancer and her parents are just hoping she survives the treatment etc. Yep, I am an asshole. Enough said.

Sometimes these things happen to us to wake us up I think and help us remember that we need to leave our bubble and connect with the humans around us. Instead of complaining and being negative we could actually step off our platform and lend a hand, an ear or a shoulder to a stranger that has it far worse than us. Perhaps stop bitching about the frivolous nit-picky BS that plagues us? Ok, so perception now is reset and I am even more anxious to get home to my personal bliss.

I get home and all settled in and there is my lovely blue glass friend waiting with open arms ready to forgive all my transgressions. I have to say, I love this part. I know that within aprox. 45 seconds after inhaling this green little paradise I will slip into happy, all my cares will melt away and all that is important will become clear. It does, as expected. Thank you Pot Gods for your generosity. I am finally sated.

sand rock

What have I learned? Pot? Yep still great, find something every day to be grateful about and stop being a giant jerk.


Feeling No Pain. A Tale Of Weed And Its Endless Wonders.


As I move along this journey of stoner discovery I have come across some interesting people and situations.  I have never laughed, cried, snorted or hyperventilated so much in my life.  Weed continues to amaze me.  No matter what mood I am in within minutes I am transported to whatever flavor cool-aid these pot magicians have mastered.  It is awesome.  One thing that I did not anticipate was that I would actually learn a lot about myself while high and while immersing myself into what used to be a subculture.  I have met some amazing people.  One particular person and the situation I found myself in had a major impact on me and I don’t think I will soon forget how it has changed me and taught me about being just a decent human.


I have an acquaintance I shall call Jim for this story.  Jim has an office in my same building.  He is a friendly sort and I liked him just fine but he was just a person I know at work.  You know the folks I am talking about.  The people we call colleagues but keep at a safe distance because, lets face it, most of us have a tight circle after so many years on the planet.

I’ll get the good part of the story.  Jim was assaulted while working late one night.  The building was empty and Jim was in bad shape.  He managed to contact the police and they took him to the hospital.  My partner and I were going by the office late to pick up a couple things and the place was crawling with police.  They told us the gruesome tale, we told them what we knew and we raced off to the hospital.  One thing I know about Jim from our few conversations is that his family is all back east so we knew he probably needed someone to be there at the hospital with him.

We got there and Jim was in bad shape.  He was beat so badly that he couldn’t see.  He was so grateful that we came to see him.  He became tearful while we held his hand on each side of the bed.  It was quite disturbing that someone would hurt another human being this way.  I was so angry and sad I could barely contain it.  The police came in and out and the Care Givers came and went and we just stayed there with him to give him comfort.  When they asked where he was going to go once they released him I just said “we are taking him home with us”.  My partner and I looked at each other and I knew what he was thinking.  We hardly know this guy.  But my gut told me it was the right thing to do.  We were all he had and all I could think of was “what if it was me?”  I sure hope someone would step up.


We picked him up the next evening and headed toward home.  I have a house about 60 miles out of town and I thought it would be a great place for Jim to rest and recover.  The whole drive Jim was going on and on reliving every moment of the assault and thanking us for our kindness over and over.  I was like, someone give this guy a sedative, he sure talks a lot.  then he threw up in my car and I thought, “Ok, put on your patience hat.”  We got him settled at the house and covered with ice packs and I asked him if he wanted a pain reliever.  He said “no, I just need to smoke some weed”.  Well Jim its your lucky day.  Not only did I have my new wonder bong but I happened to have my favorite weed (up until this point) on hand.  He took a few hits and sat back.  He thanked me and said how much better he felt.  I’m like what?  No way can this replace the awesome stupor a pill can offer.  When I had surgery a few years ago I was in so much pain I took every pill that passed within 6 feet of my mouth like a suckling piglet.  Jim soon drifted off to sleep.


The next day I offered to go to the pharmacy to pick up Jim’s prescriptions.  Jim said “if you don’t mind I will just smoke a little more weed.  I don’t like pills and this is far better.”  Ok Jim if you say so.  We went on like this for 4 days.  I sadly watched each day as I let Jim smoke all of my favorite sacred pot.  But, it was working and he was slowly starting to feel better.  Now, I will admit I am a pretty good healer.  I made food fit for a king, I told my best jokes, got high too and as usual was completely ridiculous.  We spent 4 days talking to Jim about life, family and pretty much everything.  We talked to Jim’s Mother too.  She was so thankful for us taking care of her little Jimmy. “He’s such a good boy” she said.  She also said we were welcome at her home anytime.  Jim told us he had no idea people could do something like this for a stranger.  He marveled over it actually.  I think where Jim came from people just weren’t like that.  I knew we had done the right thing.  We really got to know Jim.  It turns out he’s a pretty nice guy.

Once the swelling had gone down and Jim could see again it was time to go home.  He jokingly said all he wanted was to stay another month.  Man am I good or what?  He hugged me goodbye and told me he loved me and would never forget my kindness and that he would remember it forever.

Jim is healing up fine.  The people who hurt him have still not been caught.  Jim seems different than he did when we first met him.  It’s as if showing him that there were good people in the world really made him think about his life, what he wanted it to look like going forward and the kind of person he wants to be.  He never misses an opportunity to embrace and thank us.  He appears to have a new lease on life.


What have I learned.  Pot is even more amazing than ever, obviously!!   I have never seen someone go from anguish to a restful place of healing so quickly.  I am awed by this new discovery.  I also learned that I should pay closer attention to the opportunities to make new friends.  You just never know how important an unexpected side journey can be.


Field Trip To The Bong Shop


Buying a Bong!!

I have been experimenting with these 4 strains of weed and have not really been getting a good flavor from any of them.  Clearly I am not a pro at this yet.  I think we have moved way past joints and simple pipes.  That settles it!  I am going to have to upgrade if I am going to do this right. I need a Bong.

I know some of you have gotten used to calling it a water pipe.  Whatever…it’s a Bong!!! Ok? I am not changing what I call it just because someone decided that was more acceptable prior to legalization.  “Wooooooo,  I am going to ingest a pretty flower out of my water pipe”.  Seriously? If they told you that we now rest on a sleeping platform when we are ready to retire in the eve,  I am still going to say “I’m going to bed, its late and I am tired”. It’s still a bong my friends and always will be.


First impression, WOW this place is amazing!! They have 2 colorful walls of bongs and other crazy contraptions.  There are t-shirts and banners and colorful containers and posters and, and, and…Let’s see everything!!!  Now began my education.  The sales guy was awesome.  He showed me the basic small single water chamber glass bong ($15).  Next, we moved on to a little larger double chamber one with a place for an Ice Cube.  What!!!??? This is so cool. “This is genius” I told him.  There was a large variety of this type with prices ranging from $25-$1,000,000.  There were so many others to see, but I decided to start out with a beginners bong.  Lets get a little experience under the old belt first.

double chamber bong
Double Chamber Bong

I saw a grinder used once by an old pro and so I asked the salesman to show me one of those.  I was instantly enamored with the multiple level grinder that holds fairy dust at the very bottom with a tiny scraper included.  You can sprinkle this little fairy dust all over a fresh bowl to add that something extra special to your experience. This one is the coolest looking and is uber complicated.  So…it must be the best.  Add it to the cart! At this point I cannot wait to go home and try it.


As I am walking out the door I see a squirrel run under a display for Vape Pens.  They are shiny and pretty and I am enraptured.  This is cool.  “Can I use this for pot oils?” I asked the friendly salesman. “Yes oh yes” is his reply.  He goes and gets his handy dandy secret tool box and proceeds to talk about how he has engineered a more efficient burn coil thingy.  This guy is a wizard!  I have already spent way more money than I had planned.  Obviously I was shocked at how expensive this stuff is.  So I thank him for the education and amazing customer service (he clearly loves his work).  I will be back for sure.  Now begins my collection.  I am thrilled as if I just got a new car.

NOTE:  If you are interested in having your products or strains reviewed, hit us up, we’ll figure out the details.  Email [email protected] for the particulars!  Thanks for reading!

Border Effect, Weed Edition


The border effect, or the border tax effect, is a very real. Our office has previously written about it regarding sin/vice taxes, retail sales in the Gorge, and a broader look at Oregon-Washington taxes, including an academic paper I, along with my co-author Portland State Prof. Wooster, wrote on retail sales in Washington.

So it comes as no surprise that the different timing of legalized marijuana sales in Washington first and now Oregon also shows a clear border effect. Our friends and counterparts in Washington — the Washington State Economic and Revenue Forecast Council — is currently finalizing their latest forecast and included the following graph in their meeting materials. It highlights the drop in cannabis sales in Clark County (Vancouver) relative to the overall statewide trends. The steep drop in Clark County occurred in October 2015, right as recreational sales in Oregon went into effect. As the fine print on the slide says, prior to Oregon sales, Clark County accounted for 12% of Washington sales, but in January Clark County was just 7% of statewide sales.


The graph brought to mind some very rough, preliminary work I did back in September regarding the border effect on Washington cannabis sales.  With the help of our counterparts, I threw county level sales data into a classic border tax effect model. The overall results were intuitive and make sense [1]. Washington border counties near Portland had a much higher level of sales than their demographic and economic fundamentals along would suggest. If you do the math, this quick and dirty estimate indicates that sales per adult in these border counties were 40-50% higher than otherwise expected.


In reality, it turns out those were pretty decent estimates. In the months since Oregon recreational sales began, tax collections in the Washington border counties in and around Portland have fallen 35% (data here). These declines are seen in counties from the mouth of the Columbia River (Pacific County across from Astoria) through the Portland MSA and into into the Columbia River Gorge (Klickitat and Skamania Counties across from Cascade Locks, Hood River and The Dalles). At the same time, sales in the Seattle MSA are up 25%, with the rest of Washington increasing 12%. The border counties near Portland are the clear outlier and clearly impacted by the arrival of recreational marijuana sales in Oregon.


Overall these results are no surprise. The border effect is real and ongoing across the country. Oregon and Washington in particular provide such a natural experiment regarding tax policy and the fact that Oregon’s major population center is on the state border.

So far the border effect has been about where legal recreational sales have occurred. Now that both states allow for legalized sales, the research focus will shift to the actual impact of different tax rates on consumer behavior. Clearly, sales in Southwest Washington are lower post-Oregon sales, but depending upon product availability and consumer prices, how the balance of sales shakes out is still unknown. Oregon tax collections only began in January, so it will still be some time before we have enough data to draw solid conclusions.

[1] There are some issues with this simplified model. For one, it uses full FY2015 data. Given that sales were/are ramping up over time in a newly legalized world, it is not ideal to use a full year of data, or at least not until the phase in period is over. Also, it does not include any spatial impacts (spatial error correction or spatial autocorrelation) which is important when looking at county level sales, particularly given there are some “dry” counties where there are no retailers in Washington. Even so, the results of this basic model are both intuitive and provided pretty solid ballpark estimates.

For more click to continue on to https://oregoneconomicanalysis.com