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BBaF Podcast Episode 69: Getting Päntsdrunk with Podcast Superstar Kristen Meinzer


Listen to Episode 69: Getting Päntsdrunk with Podcast Superstar Kristen Meinzer”

This week’s Bit by a Fox Podcast is a fun one! On a recent visit to New York City, I met up with my friend Kristen Meinzer. Kristen is an award-winning podcast host & producer – she’s hosted three successful podcasts, including By The Book, along with Moth Storyslam winner Jolenta Greenberg and When Meghan Met Harry, along with MTVUK host James Barr. She is ALSO the author of the upcoming book So You Want to Start a Podcast which goes on sale next Tuesday August 6th. Sooooo, when Kristen asks if you want to record in Stitcher’s fancy af podcast studio in midtown Manhattan and talk about drinking alone in your underwear? YOU SAY YES.

Päntsdrunk is a way of life. It’s a philosophy. It’s the Finnish approach to relaxation and contentment. Essentially, Päntsdrunk is the Finnish concept of drinking alone in your underwear. The book Päntsdrunk, written by Miska Rantanen, was published last year and was a huge hit. Kristen and her podcast co-host Jolenta lived the Pantsdrunk life for 2 weeks for their hit show By The Book and according to Kristen, it may not have brought on the contentment she was promised. As a professional drinks expert, in this episode, I helped her break down exactly what it means to be Päntsdrunk, and why it may not resonate with everyone. 

This week’s cocktail is a combo of Kristen’s favorite drink as well as the Päntsdrunk drink of choice in Finland – beer. 

Blended Beer Margaritas for a Pitcher that’ll serve 6-8
(you can always freeze the rest for later)
12 oz can frozen limeade 
12 oz Blanco Tequila
1 bottle beer – light lager or pilsner

In a blender, combine all ingredients and fill with ice. Blend on low until working up in speed, careful not to go too high because of the beer. Blend until smooth. Add salt to glass and serve! 

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