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Winter weather

Sea Surface Temperatures
Eastern Pacific Ocean Sea Suyrface Temperature Amomaly | Imagr

Not Much Winter Weather Until Now. What’s Going On?

Up until this past weekend we haven’t seen much winter weather. Do you want to know why? I’ll explain.

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Snow & Ice In Storm Drain
Snow And Ice Melting And Flowing Into Storm Drain | Photo by Tim Chuey

It May Seem Too Early, But It Really Isn’t.

We are already seeing significant snow in the mountains, but are you prepared for a winter storm where you live? I have information you need to keep safe. Check this out.

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Early Days Of Automobile Snow Chains | Photo by

“Chain, Chain, Chain” Sang Aretha Franklin.

Winter weather is not far off so I thought I’d answer the burning question “Who’s idea was it to put chains on car tires to drive on snowy roads?” and when were they first used? I’ll explain.

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