Sasquatch Broke My Funny Bone, Brian Posehn Leaves WOW Hall in Stitches


by Matt Toomb

EUGENE- When I approached the WOW Hall it was 37 degrees outside and the wind chill was cutting straight through my heavy Oregon layers. I was shaking so hard I couldn’t finish the chicken sandwich I was trying to stuff down before the show, and who should come down the steps from inside?  “Mr Sasquatch” himself, Brian Posehn, one of the only guys who stands taller than me at 6’5″. “Let’s get this out of the way now guys: NO I won’t hook you up with Sarah Silverman…” With my mouth full of food, and my hands juggling phone/soda/napkin, I didn’t get a chance to speak with him, but I did get the chance to see an awesome show.

The comedian, mostly known for NBC’s Just Shoot Me, HBO’s Mr. Show, and currently Comedy Central’s The Sarah Silverman Program, told the standing-room only crowd at the WOW Hall last night.  “…It’s not like I’m gonna go back to LA and see Sarah and say, ‘Hey there was this really tall, smelly guy with long hair and pot-moobs bigger than mine at LAX… here’s his email… good luck! Yeah that’s never going to happen… but if you want to come hang out after the show in an alley by the Chevron station, I’m your man, just don’t walk up and say ‘Want to get high?’ and have me say ‘Yeah,’ and then say ‘me too…’ Cause I’ll probably head butt you.”

Posehn brought his usual style of humor, his new album is called Fart & Weiner Jokes after all, and a bevy of new jokes to Eugene last night. By the time the show was over there wasn’t a sad face in the room. With topics ranging from Eugene (his favorite place to visit, no BS), to living in LA, marijuana to heavy metal music. Posehn has released stand up albums as well as recording with a few of his favorite metal bands, of which he is a self-proclaimed freak.

“The thing about metalheads is they are the only people really passionate about their musical tastes as much as they are. You don’t see a lot of people with long hair, no shirt, and huge pupils running up to you and screaming ‘EASY LISTENING!!!'” He told the crowd at the WOW Hall. “If you would have told in 84 I’d be recording an album with Anthrax in 20 years, I’d have kicked you in the <junk> and pushed you back into your time machine.”

Posehn has also dabbled in movies, having a speaking role in Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Reject’s, and The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. His passion now, however, is his new child.

“I used to do a joke about how I hate it when comedians change after they have kids like, ‘man that guy used to have the best abortion jokes…’ as if there’s such a thing… but anyway, please no one punch my kid… I mean, I’m fully prepared for it, I just KNOW that some huge fat guy with long hair is going to run up to me and my son in a few years and punch him square in the jaw, and my son will say, ‘Daddy- why did that woman in the Spider-Man shirt just punch me?’ And I’ll have to say, ‘Son… that wasn’t a woman…'”

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