Time to Rally the Troops
by kevin@beerandcoding.com

Remember last summer when the OLCC ’s narrow reinterpretation of Oregon Law ORS 471.403 effectively banned homebrew competitions across the state? While the initial roar of outrage has quieted to a murmur of discontent, Denny Conn and the rest of the Oregon Home Brewers Alliance have not lost focus. They have been working for the past eight months, with members of the Oregon House and Senate, to correct this dire situation. Now it is time for you, the home brewers and beer enthusiasts of our great state to stand up and do your part…Actually no standing is even required, just the ability to operate a computer or telephone.

Next Thursday, February 10th, SB 444 will go before the Senate Business, Transportation and Economic Development Committee. SB 444 is the most comprehensive of the half dozen or so competing homebrew bills before the State House and Senate. It was introduced by Sen. Floyd Prozanski, a longtime home brewer and supporter of Oregon craft beer. Drafted at his direction, with input from the Oregon Home Brewers Alliance, the bill aims not only to remedy the issue of homebrew competitions, but also to clarify many ambiguities in the current law. Information about SB 444 can be found HERE on the Oregon State Legislature website.

If passed, SB 444 will:

● Eliminate restrictions on the transportation of homebrew

● Eliminate restrictions on where homebrew can be consumed

● Eliminate restrictions on where homebrew can be made

● Allow clubs to charge dues

● Allow entry fees and prizes at competitions

● Allow homebrew to be served at club meetings held at pubs or other licensed premises

● Allow homebrew club members to participate in small-scale professional brewing at pubs

● Allow people who teach homebrewing classes to be paid

If approved by the BTED Committee, the bill will then go on to a full Senate vote, followed by a vote in the House. Contact information for members of the Senate BTED committee is available on both the Oregon Home Brewers Alliance and Oregon State Legislature websites. Please contact your Senator and ask them to support SB 444 today!

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