In thumbing through a copy of the Eugene Chamber of CommerceOpen for Business“, an ad caught my eye. It posed the question: “What happens when you bring bankers, punk bands, ballerinas, lawyers, DJ’s, opera singers and poets together in one place? – find out April 2011.”  Hmm, its the internet, lets not wait till April.

Open for Business advertisement for Eugene a Go-Go

Turns out “Eugene a Go-Go” is a new project from the Arts & Business Alliance of Eugene. The goal: to be the place you go before you go outa comprehensive community driven arts and entertainment calendar.

Begun as a result of the City’s “Cultural Policy Review”  from back in 2007, the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene (ABAE) together with other local community members started looking at ways of meeting the City’s goals for enhancing and expanding access to the arts here in Lane County.  Its now 2011 and, the apparent answer to these goals, is almost ready to launch.

Taking a look around the site they appear to have combined a blog/calendar with a social media style “member page”, intending for anyone to be able to create an artist or producer page and enter events.  This isn’t new, community calendars are everywhere.  There is a component that looks interesting, it is the “ENGAGE” section.  Its goal is to hook you up with Artist Opportunities, Volunteer Opportunities, Benefits and Classes.  Think of these as events that invite your participation, not just your attendance.

There are many websites out there like Eugene a Go-Go, sites like Oregon Live, Reverb Nation and Go Entertainment, but with the catchy name, some heavy hitter partners and an ambitious category list, it may indeed get it’s go-go on.  Currently the site is pretty barren of content and it appears that some of the site is still being finished; some of the functions either don’t work, or aren’t yet wired to tell you “there’s nothing to see here”, but hey, they did say April.