Here are this mornings local headlines:

Tim Chuey Weather
A drier day today, but it won’t last long. The rain chance will return by late tonight.
Tsunami Warning for the Oregon Coast
Waves of more than 6 feet may hit spots along the Oregon coast as the ocean surges after a massive earthquake in Japan. The first waves are projected to hit approximately 7:15 – 7:30 a.m. today. Much larger waves are possible later in the day.
Fern Ridge’s ballot is heavy
The Fern Ridge School District will two property tax measures on the May 17 ballot.
Critics say BPA drops ball while juggling its power
So much electricity flooded Pacific Northwest powerlines last spring, that this spring, a federal agency wants the option of turning off wind turbines to keep the system from overloading. Thank goodness our rates haven’t gone up.
Satellite TV companies top Oregon complaint list
A new report released by the Attorney General’s Office put the spotlight on companies that have been scamming Oregonians for the past year.
Athlete Exclusive Parking Lot
The University of Oregon is building a new parking lot for student athletes, support absent.
University senior Pennington dead at 22
University senior and business administration major Alexis Pennington, 22, died of brain swelling Sunday evening at Sacred Heart Medical Center at Riverbend in Springfield