MARCH 15 – Evening Update


Here’s as much local news as we could find through all this rain:

Tim Chuey Weather
Rain, but for how long?
Police out to sabotage ‘Beastie Boys Bandit’
Investigators have dubbed the suspect the “Beastie Boys Bandit” since some of his disguises look like they came out of their video for the song “Sabotage.”
Man charged after DEA searches home
A 25-year-old Eugene man faces multiple drug charges after the interagency US Drug Enforcement Administration Eugene Resident Office Task Force searched a south Eugene home Monday.
EWEB Rate Increase Public Hearing Tuesday
Eugene Water & Electric Board commissioners will gather public comments about a proposed water rate increase at a meeting Tuesday, March 15. Commissioners are considering an overall average water rate increase of 7.1 percent.
Oregon House votes to update child porn law
Oregon lawmakers have unanimously passed a bill that would require computer technicians to report images of child pornography.
Oregon couple want to ‘adopt’ old bridge
It’s not an adorable kitten or a child in need of a loving home, but Bob and Margaret Thurman are nonetheless intent on adoption.
Eugene man admits to $200K in fender bender fraud
Timothy Devon Huntley Jr. of Eugene plead guilty Tuesday to wire fraud and aggravated identity theft in federal court.
FM rock station goes talk, swapping Ozzy for Glen Beck
KXL’s AM content will now be simulcast on 101.1 FM, according to the press release. There was no indication if the news format of KUFO would change back to music at any time in the future.
Oregon sees largest one-month rise in job since 1996
The state Employment Department says the state added nearly 10,000 jobs in February, the largest jump since before the Great Recession.
Lane County Popular Report released
The cliff notes version of the Complete Annual Financial Review for Lane County was released today.

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