The sun is out for now, good enough.  Here’s whats in the headlines today:

Tim Chuey Weekend Outlook
Still wet, but a bit of a break Sunday night and early Monday.
Immigration rules a potential death sentence
A family with two boys being treated for a rare disease have had their visa extension application revoked with 30 days to leave the Country. — this isn’t local, but it is compelling. –ed.
Senate panel votes to grant in-state tuition to some illegal immigrants
An Oregon Senate panel has approved a bill to grant in-state college tuition to some illegal immigrants.
Oregon lawmakers near vote unemployment bill
Oregon lawmakers are working to keep unemployment checks coming to thousands of people looking for jobs.
Owsley, Sixties legend and LSD maker takes last trip
“He turned the Beatles on, man. Heck, he turned on an entire generation,” says Eugene Hippie local Stan “the man” Saitz when describing the legacy of Owsley “Bear” Stanley, the famed Sixties LSD icon.
University of Oregon students call for opening John Jaqua Academic Center
The University of Oregon’s 40000-square-foot John E. Jaqua Center for Student Athletes opened last year, now non-athlete program students want access.