March 24 – Morning Headlines


The headline round-up as of Thursday morning early:

Tim Chuey Weather
The jet stream shows a trough of low pressure ( “U” shaped area) swinging through the Pacific Northwest. This frontal system pushed in Wednesday spreading showers and some thunderstorms ahead of it. Saturday we’ll see another frontal system move through, but this time it will be a little farther to the North. Some showers today with a chance of thunderstorms.
Bill in Legislature would set $90 fine for tossing cigarette
Oregon smokers may soon think twice before casually flicking their cigarette butts to the ground. That’s because that act of littering could cost them up to a $90 fine under a new legislative proposal that would create a Class D violation for unlawful disposal of a tobacco product. – isn’t this already called littering? — ed.
Fern Ridge fee hike
Lane County is raising the cost of seasonal moorage at three marinas:
Formerly: Boats between 10 feet and 34 feet paid $300 to $415 per season. Now: Boat length up to 10 feet: $368 to $380 per season with similar increases for larger craft. It is estimated that the rate increase averages between 25% and 35%.

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