TIP LINE – New Budget May Endanger Pearl Buck Center


The realities of the current economic situation in Oregon has caused more than its share of pain for its citizens, businesses and schools. Now it appears that cuts proposed in the Governors current budget could fundamentally alter a portion of our community that most needs its support.

The Governor’s budget includes a proposal to eliminate funding for all Alternative to Work (ATE) programs throughout the state. Statewide it effects 2000 adults with severe to profound developmental disabilities. Pearl Buck Center provides an ATE program, which we call the Life Enhancing Activities Program (LEAP) to 49 individuals. All but two of those folks will be affected if the proposed cuts happen. The remaining two have funding through the brokerages (Full Access and Mentors Oregon) and would continue to have funding, but potentially limited opportunity to access a program that offers that service.

Oregon Rehabilitation Association (ORA) of which we are a member has been lobbying hard in the past two weeks to prevent the cuts from happening.

Pearl Buck is asking for support in keeping this funding. For more information:

3690 W 1st Ave
Eugene, Oregon 97402

Phone/TDD: 541-484-4666
Fax: 541-484-0886

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