April 11 – Evening Update

I saw an elderly couple euthanized today...

The Monday night headline round-up:

Former UO wrestler sentenced for money laundering
A former University of Oregon wrestler turned professional fighter and political candidate has been sentenced to two years on probation and fined $10,000 after pleading guilty to a federal money laundering charge.
Oregon lawmakers may strip Independent Party of name
The Independent Party of Oregon, the state’s third-largest party, has pledged to take legislators to court if they approve a bill that would strip the party of its name. – this should be interesting. –ed.
Prison inmate from LaneCo walks away from work crew in CoosCo
An inmate from Lane County serving time for unauthorized use of a vehicle walked away from an inmate work crew Monday just off Highway 101 between Coquille and Bandon in Coos County. – and Michael Lee Baker adds another stellar choice to his resume. –ed.
Surge in Oregon public employee retirements
More public employees in Oregon are retiring early, apparently to lock in medical coverage before state lawmakers tighten benefits. – from the “get it while its hot” department. –ed.
A Dozen Trees Being Removed Near UO
If you walk near the university area, you’ll start noticing signs posted on a number of trees. They state that starting next week the trees are set to be removed. The given reason is that the 50-year-old trees are hazardous because they are prone to diseases and termites.

I saw an elderly couple euthanized today...

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