April 13 – Morning Headlines


Here are the headlines on this, Thomas Jefferson’s birthday:
Tim Chuey: Rain, possible sleet, hail and thunderstorms.

EmX vote Thursday could be final one
Metropolitan officials are slated Thursday to take what could be the final action needed before building a controversial rapid-transit bus line in west Eugene.
Bill would delay kicker rebate
House Bill 3543 would convert the “kicker” rebate from a check Oregonians get in the mail in December to a tax credit that they could get when they file their taxes the following April, as was the case until 1995. Should an individual’s tax liability be less than the “kicker” amount the taxpayer was owed, the state would cut a check for the difference. The bill also would place a $250,000 cap on what the state could spend on administrative costs to issue rebates to all taxpayers. The proposal would allow the state to collect interest on the “kicker” money before it was returned to taxpayers, on top of saving money on administrative costs, proponents argue.
Longtime UO journalism professor and author dies
Ken Metzler, a popular University of Oregon journalism professor and author, died Sunday at home in Eugene. He was 82. Information on the cause of death and services wasn’t immediately available.
Berman to break 4J salary record
The Eugene School Board is set to make Sheldon Berman the highest-paid superintendent in the district’s 120-year history; an annual salary of $180,000, with annual cost-of-living increases and an annual 5 percent raise for a maximum of six years. The district is estimated to have spent more than $72k in its search for a new Superintendent. Berman became available when the schoolboard in Louisville voted 5-2 against renewing his contract citing issues with his seeming lack of a sense of urgency when it came to student performance. – One wonders how he’ll do being paid 93k a year less than he was paid in Kentucky. –ed.

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