Sunshine and blue skies to take us into the evening headlines:

Oregon medical marijuana reform bill hits snag
Three former Oregon state troopers are scrambling to keep alive a bill that would give police access to confidential lists of medical marijuana users and growers and make it harder for teenagers to use pot as medicine.

Bill to help Oregon foster kids in college struggles
People in both parties are sympathetic, but The Oregonian newspaper reports the bill is struggling because its price tag is $1 million.

County: Don’t illegally post signs
Lane County Public Works expects to see an increase of illegally placed signs for garage, estate and yard sales; home for sale signs, home occupations and everything else one can imagine.

Backup Duck QB pleads not guilty
The backup Duck quarterback accused of resisting arrest pleaded not guilty in court Monday afternoon.

Pro City Tax Rally Draws Attention to School Budget Cuts Impact
Advocates of the controversial City Income Tax measure kicked their campaign into high gear on Monday, less than a month away from the May 17th special election.

Junction City High School Celebrates 100 Years of Graduates
A hundred years ago, the first graduating class at Junction City High School had five students. To celebrate that history, the community unveiled a monument Monday morning.

Legalize, criminalize, idolize or hit it with round-up...medical marijuana is a divisive issue.