Here are the headlines for a Tuesday morning:
Tim Chuey: Another bright day for your Tuesday, but get ready for more clouds and showers for the middle of the week.

Man’s perjury raises sentence
A Florence man who just began a 17-year prison term for killing two Reedsport friends in a September drunken driving crash received an additional 1½ years behind bars on Monday for lying under oath during his December manslaughter trial.

Lane County to pay $82,000 to settle claim of harassment
The Lane County Board of Commissioners has agreed to settle a lawsuit in which a court clerk alleged sexual harassment by former Central Lane Justice of the Peace Cynthia Sinclair. The board approved an $82,000 payment to Heather Hendrickson, who had filed a $420,000 lawsuit against the county alleging that that Sinclair sexually harassed and discriminated against her.

Senate approves campus policing
The University of Oregon’s campus police officers just moved one step closer to gaining the powers, responsibilities and training that would put them on par with the officers of the Eugene Police Department. The Oregon Senate on Monday approved Senate Bill 405.

A Missouri company is recalling turmeric sold at Target over high lead levels.
Archer Farms Brand Ground Turmeric was sold in Target stores from June 2009 to February 2010 in 42 states across the country, including Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California. The spice was sold in glass bottles with a net weight of 2.6 oz. The spice was tainted with excessive lead levels. Lead can accumulate in the body, causing myriad health problems. It poses a particular risk to children. The recalled Archer Farms Ground Turmeric has a UPC code of 0-85239-02612-0, with lot numbers: 1740901A, Best By 6/23/2011; 2180902A, Best By 8/6/11; 2780906A, Best By 10/5/2011; 2920903A, Best By 10/19/11; 3060903A, Best By 11/2/2011; 0071003A, Best By1/7/2012. The lot numbers and Best By dates can be found on the bottom of the bottle.
For more information, call the B&M at 877-321-5852 or contact Target at 800-316-6151. – do Eugenians buy their spices at Target? –ed

Product recall: Archer Farms Turmeric