Middle of the working week headlines:
Tim Chuey: One day of clouds and maybe wet, then a couple of days with lots of sunshine

Springfield councilor strikes out at CLA
Lane County voted to stop funding Centro Latino Americano last week citing budget constraints. Monday council member Dave Ralston spoke out about his reasons for supporting the decision to halt the funding.

US Attorney for Oregon: medical marijuana a ‘train wreck’
The U.S. Attorney for Oregon on Tuesday called the administration of the state’s medical marijuana program a “train wreck,” and expressed skepticism about whether the majority of those who obtain the drug actually need it.

Wicked comes to town
Wicked opens in Eugene Wednesday evening at the Hult Center. It’s the first time the Broadway musical will perform in Eugene.

Bill would regulate restraints on students
Oregon law­makers are moving forward with a proposal to adopt clear rules for school districts when it comes to restraining and secluding students with behavioral problems and disabilities.

Linn GOP joins Robinson fight
Linn County Republicans have organized a rally for Art Robinson at Oregon State University today. Robinson, the Cave Junction chemist who ran unsuccessfully for the 4th District House seat against Democrat Peter DeFazio, has accused the university of inter­fering with his children’s education as political payback over a hard-fought campaign.

Retirements to remake court
Come July, the Lane County Circuit Court will complete its biggest transformation since the bench gained five judges in a 1998 merger of Oregon’s district and circuit court systems. Gov. John Kitzhaber announced Tuesday that he is seeking applicants to replace three Lane County judges retiring in the next three years.

Wicked comes to Eugene