April 22 – Evening Update

The Oregon Legislature agrees.

Sunshine and breezy Earth Day Headlines:
Tim Chuey: Lots of sunshine today and early Saturday, but the Easter weekend will turn wet.

Oregon Senate votes to update child porn law
The Oregon Senate has voted to make it illegal to look at child porn even if it isn’t intentionally downloaded or purchased.

Oregon weighs shark fin soup ban
A bill to ban the trade in shark fins used in a traditional Chinese soup eaten to celebrate success is moving through the Oregon Legislature.

‘Some days, it was hard to just get out of bed’
Time to grieve: a bill in the Oregon legislature would mandate it, but some people say it could leave businesses shorthanded.

Police warn of gang activity in West University area
The Eugene Police Department needs your help after several assaults in the West University neighborhood that could be gang related.

Code Name: Red 5
For the last 3 years local electric car developer Arcimoto has been working towards their unveiling tomorrow – the RED 5.

The Oregon Legislature agrees.

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