April 6 – Evening Update

I'll take that kicker check...

EDN’s Headline Roundup:

‘Dear Stephanie, I want to apologize for letting you down’
A Douglas County Detective is apologizing in a letter sent to Stephanie Condon’s family. Last week a jury found Dale Hill not guilty of kidnapping and murdering Condon.
Suspect demands drugs and claims to have a bomb
A scary situation at a Roseburg drug store this morning when a man threatened to detonate a bomb and demanded drugs.
Oregon Senate to vote on banning BPA in baby bottles
The Oregon Senate is scheduled to vote Wednesday on a measure that would ban the use of a potentially harmful chemical from baby bottles, children’s sippy cups and reusable water bottles. – should the science be in before regulation is applied? –ed.
Oregon farmer encourages switch to grain from grass
An Oregon farmer is encouraging other farmers in the Willamette Valley to switch from their grass seed crop to growing grains. – when I was younger there were huge wheat fields in and around Eugene. I for one would welcome the return. –ed.
Oregon Senate votes to take schools chief decision away from voters
The Oregon Senate has voted to take the superintendent of public instruction off the ballot. – considering the responsibility and power this position will carry, is this an informed plan? –ed.
Kitzhaber to ask lawmakers to roll back kicker
Governor Kitzhaber is scheduled to testify Wednesday in support of changing Oregon’s unique kicker law in order to save for economic downturns. – isn’t the kicker for surplus tax collections? –ed.

I'll take that kicker check...

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