April 8 – Morning Headlines


It is said that into every life a little rain must fall. Today, a little sunshine with the headlines:

Teachers returning their Stone Soup
Syndicated cartoonist Jan Eliot of Eugene has been hearing from readers this week from Eugene and Ohio and Boston — but it hasn’t exactly been fan mail.
Bottle deposit debate returns
Oregon’s bottle bill is in the hands of the legislature once again, proposals include an increase in both the number of containers that carry a deposit requirement, and the amount of deposits – double the current deposit tab.
Political business as usual strains the House Education Committee
It appears that nine GOP-sponsored education bills will die at the end of the day today because the committee hasn’t slated them for a work session by April 21. The list included two bills favoring charter schools, a bill granting tax credits for individuals or businesses who fund academic scholarships for students to use at a school of their choice, and a bill that would let a teacher accredited in other states teach in Oregon without an Oregon license.
Ex-patient files suit against hospital
A former emergency room patient at McKenzie-­Willamette Medical Center has filed a $5.7 million medical negligence lawsuit against the hospital and its emergency physicians’ group.
Synthetic ‘bath salts’ outlawed in Oregon
Beginning Monday, Oregon will join a growing number of states that have outlawed synthetic chemicals sold as “bath salts” that when snorted, swallowed or smoked can produce a high similar to that of cocaine or methamphetamine. – brings a whole new meaning to Calgon…take me away.
School closures result in job shifts for principals
As part of its school closure and consolidation process, the Eugene School District on Thursday announced school administrator changes for the 2011-12 school year.
Hazmat Clears out Eugene Homeless Camp
HazMat and ODOT crews cleared out a homeless camp underneath the I-5 overpass near Franklin Boulevard Thursday

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