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EDN has obtained a copy of a press release from Mark Callahan regarding the lawsuit filed by City tax advocacy group Strong Schools Eugene. Callahan states in the document that he alone is singled out in the lawsuit even though all three men: Callahan, Nick Urhausen, and Doug Vaughan were listed as the source of the rebuttal opinion submitted for the special election voters pamphlet. Callahan believes the lawsuit was directed at him because he is a candidate for the 4J School Board, Position 4.   According to Callahan, the lawsuit references a Voter’s Pamphlet Rebuttal Statement that was not public information at the time the lawsuit was filed, being that the voter’s pamphlets for the May 17th 2011 election had not been released at the time the lawsuit was filed.

In an online conversation with EDN, Callahan stated that his first awareness of the lawsuit was from a press release by Strong Schools Eugene.    During an interview with a reporter from KVAL Callahan was told that he was the only defendant named in the lawsuit.  Callahan has not yet received a copy of the lawsuit.

There is speculation that because Callahan was appointed by the City of Eugene to an official committee to write the statement (that is currently under contention), that the City of Eugene may have some responsibility for covering the legal expenses involved.  The statement included in the voters pamphlets was approved before its inclusion.

The full text of the lawsuit is here:  Strong Schools Eugene vs Mark Callahan Lawsuit

The full text of the Callahan press release is here: Mark Callahan Press Release

Information from Strong Schools blog on the lawsuit: Strong Schools Eugene Blog

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