The Procrastinators decide to show up – tonite at Goodfellas.


Eugene is famous for its many excellent bands, in fact last night I caught a performance of Sara B and the Lonely 9 Soul Revue down at Luckeys – worth catching if you get the chance. Tonight one of the areas well kept musical secrets are finally out amongst us again – The Procrastinators will be at GoodFellas Lounge out in Springfield at 9pm tonight.

The Procrastinators, Lyckwyd, B-Line and Omnihility tonight at Goodfellas

Considering this is a group of vintage musicians, the preferred way of saying older than your typical band still out there playing, you may be surprised to find that some of their largest audience are the people you would normally see at an Athiarchists or Deadfall/Hollowman show (metal/hardcore music).  In fact their first performance in Eugene back in 2009 was as openers for a lineup that could have been featured on  Rockstars “Mayhem Tour.  To everyone’s surprise, they were not only well received, but became the favorite opening act for many metal centric shows – including the WOW hall over the next couple of years.

Made up of area musicians from back in the day and sporting  “…tight harmonies and great polished sound…” (according to  KNRQ),  The Procrastinators are a unique mix of old school punk edged rock, and indie sensibilities; the kind you expect more from bands like Stagger and Sway or Jamalia. Think of Neil Young crossed with Social Distortion and The Plimsouls and you might have an idea.  Last year they dropped their lead guitar player and successfully re-engineered their sound as a 3-piece; edgy, with a little humor and a lot of good music.  If you’d like to get out and enjoy one of Eugene’s guilty pleasures, catch The Procrastinators out at Goodfellas (formerly the Woodsman) tonight.  The curtain comes up at 9pm.

Starting tomorrow, EDN is going to start posting an article that will give you an at-a-glance roundup of where the music and entertainment is that night.  Initially we’ll keep it to Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but depending on the reception it could grow from there…or shrink.

For venues, musicians, bands, etc. who’d like to make sure they are listed, either:

1) Use the contact form (hot tips) and send us your info each week.
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2)  Share your Google Calendar with [email protected] and we’ll make sure it gets listed.  If you don’t have a Google Calendar for your listings, go get one, they’re free.

We’ll also give you our (usually biased) top 3 picks each night.  Tonight, there’s only one choice….don’t wait.

NOTE: for those of you who don’t already know, EDN’s founding partners play in this band…hey, the job may not pay, but we get to pimp the band….which makes this a seriously biased article….there, I said it.

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