This isn’t your typical Thursday.  The rain and hail and wind make going out iffy, the recent tragedy colors the already dark sky even darker blue, there are still a few options out there to inspire, even under these conditions.

Homebody: 16 Tons – Stop in, pickup one their awesome selections, pickup a pie (pizza) you called in here or here, then hit a Red box on the way home, or stream in a Netflix selection. Matt Toomb has some thoughts on what’s watchable.

Mike Watt & The Minutemen at Sam Bonds

Cabin Fever: Mike Watt & The Missing Men – Sam Bonds Garage, 9pm – $12. This is old school avante agro rawk. The Eugene Weekly put it like this:

“You either know who Mike Watt is or you don’t, and if you don’t you should. Here’s why: Watt — along with the late, great D. Boon — was co-founder of The Minutemen (featured in the awesome documentary We Jam Econo), a seminal Southern Cal punk band that, up until Boon’s tragic death in 1985, pushed the limits of hardcore by incorporating everything from jazz to pop, and wrapping it all in wonderfully melodic songs that usually came in under two minutes. Watt almost gave up playing after Boon’s death, but he was forced out of retirement by Sonic Youth, and has since played with everyone from Eddie Vedder, Frank Black and the Beastie Boys to Iggy Pop, Pete Yorn and American Idol Kelly Clarkson. One of the Grandfathers of Punk, Watt — who calls his bass a “thudstaff” and his singing a “spiel” — says he’ll continue recording albums until he can’t do it anymore. His latest, Hyphenated-man, finds Watt jamming econo once again; in an album of 30 songs based on the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch, the longest one clocks in at 2:04 minutes.” Eugene Weekly

Let it Rain: Three Days of Rain – Very Little Theatre, 8pm – $10. Again we quote the Weekly: “Three Days of Rain in the end proves to be one of those rare treasures: a small, intimate play that tackles some pretty profound ideas without once losing the subtle rhythms and stumbling uncertainties of family life.” – Eugene Weekly”

Locals Only: Avitia – The Black Forest, 9pm – No Cover. Out supporting their record “Home Cooking” – local talent, local attitude, big league skills. Watch for local guitar gunslinger Gary Hutchings (Vial Experiment++).