Friday May 20th.  Possibly the only dry weather night this weekend.  Some great events going on tonight including a couple of benefits like Slugsana’s Grand Party benefit for the School Garden Project at the McDonald Theater ($25 – 5:30 to 10:30pm).  Of course there is also Lauren Hill at the Cuthbert ($35+ 6pm) and Sheryl Crow at the Hult ($39+ 7:30pm) – big shows.

We find our entertainment needs running to a slightly more bent…bent.  Starting the evening off tonight with:

Meet the Band: Alternate Resonant – Comcast channel 29, 7:30pm – free. AR Sports possibly the best guitar sound you’ll ever hear live and a surprising, aggressive drummer. Check it out, see them live if you get the chance.

Then we’re moving on to:

The Tom Show: Tom Heinl – Sam Bond’s, 9:30pm -$5. Think of Tom as Robin to Dr. Demento’s Batman, the missing link from Saturday Night Live, James Earle Ray’s voice in a skinny white man. Tom’s talent is easy to overlook because of his resonant voice, impish humor, and funny songs like IHOP (personal fav), Pinto Squier and Three Way. You need to see him more than once to appreciate just how good he is. Also appearing are Carolyn Marks and Luther Wright.

If you’ve got anything left before ending the night with a Sweet Life drive by, catch a set at Black Forest from VanWenda, another unusual and entertaining band; Listen for “East Bound & Down” artfully rendered in all its redneck glory. And guess what – you know the words.

Prepare to be entertained.