May 23 – Morning Headlines:

Tim Chuey: Another week of unsettled weather as we are still looking forward to more summer-like conditions.

Immediate aid given to family of Kilcullen – Ten days after Eugene police officer Chris Kilcullen was fatally shot while stopping a car on April 22, Tillamook County Sheriff Todd Anderson handed Kilcullen’s wife a $25,000 check

6 arrested at loud party – Eugene police arrested six people and cited 23 others as minors in possession of alcohol early Sunday after responding to complaints of a loud party on Capital Drive near Hendricks Park.

Attempted Abduction – Man asked girls to get into his car An older white male with white hair and a white beard recently approached two 9-year-old girls in west Eugene and told them that he wanted them to get into his car.

Lawmakers close breast cancer surgery loophole – The Oregon Senate has voted unanimously to close a legal loophole that some health insurance companies exploited to refuse, in some instances, to cover breast reconstructive surgeries

Springfield kids meet UO sports heroes – More than 100 University of Oregon student athletes met young fans at the annual ‘Quackin’ Action’ event.

Oregon charter school debate yields little progress – Debate over charter schools has generated much debate, stirred ideological rancor and stalled other education issues, not just for this year’s Legislature but for the past several years.

Quackin' Action