May 12 – Night on the Town.  How quickly the weeks pass, at least the part of the week that doesn’t include Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Like a funnycar waiting for the green light, looking down the strip to the finish line, we all prepare for this evenings start of another high velocity weekend.  Lots of noise, winners, losers, but most of all a great time that will end too quickly.  We’ve heard the secret to making it last is..well, thats a secret, but our picks for tonight aren’t:

Happy Hour: ZENON – A quick happy hour start (going on now) for a deal on some great wine and a snack then its off to a…

One Stand Night: Axe & Fiddle Coty Hogue-7, n/c; Buxter Hoot’n-9; Americana, $5. All night long. Axe & Fiddle may be in Cottage Grove, but the music is worth staying all night for; get your “Justified” on.

The benefits of modern technology. Watching happy hour heat up around you while you work.

photo courtesy - FX