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What’s up Eugene? Human-Cent-i-Pad here, if you’re crashing from the few euphoric post-Osama weeks we’ve had, its been a fun run, but it’s probably time to check out a new Blu Ray. This week we’ve got some interesting picks.

The Mechanic is Jason Statham’s latest action vehicle, which pretty much runs on autopilot for the entire 93 minutes. Statham plays an assassin who takes on his former mentor’s son as a prodigy… while not telling him he killed his father. Ben Foster is one of my favorite actors around today, and he was great in an action role. Donald Sutherland is in there too, although looking older than a skeletal Santa Claus… it made me long for a little Body Snatchers. The Mechanic is rated R for strong brutal violence throughout, language, some sexual content and nudity.

Next up is The Rite, an Anthony Hopkins/exorcism flick that works despite its sub-genre classification. Colin O’Donoghue plays a college student who just so happens to be getting his education from the seminary. Before he takes off (only joining for the education, not the faith) he gets sent to Italy for a course in exorcism. The cinematography is awesome, the acting is great, and the thrills? Yeah. It’s also rated PG-13 for disturbing thematic material, violence, frightening images, and language including sexual references.

We’ve also getting our hands on a 2009 Natalie Portman movie called The Other Woman. I’d never heard of it until today, but I’m going to check it out asap, as I believe I’ve made myself clear about my obsession for Natalie Portman (not that good if she’s got a 3 year old movie I’ve never heard of). She plays a new step-mother who is having… alot of trouble with her new step son. The Other Woman is rated rated R for sexual content and language.

Lastly is the teen thriller The Roommate. Um… yeeaaahhh… College student Sara finds that her new roommate Rebecca has an obsession with her, which quickly turns violent. I’ll watch it on Lifetime someday. The Roommate is rated PG-13 (I think).

Have a great week guys!

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