By Kate Renner


EUGENE, Ore.– When you think, “Lets go to the movies.” Which genre pops into your head first? Horror, comedy, suspense, a musical? A Eugene man wrote and is producing a film that encompasses all of the above, and then some.


Steve Coker wrote a 112-page screenplay that includes a detective, a leading lady, and some spooky creatures duking it out. He’s working to bring these characters to life on the big screen.

You all remember the old Dick Tracy investigative movies, where Tracy narrates his adventures sleuthing around town, while meeting glamorous women. Imagine that, set it to a musical score similar to “West Side Story,” throw in some monsters, vampires and werewolves, and you’ve got the makings of “Dex Dixon, Paranormal Investigator.


“Dex Dixon is a paranormal investigator who is at the beginning of the end of his career, and has an opportunity to capture his youth. We would take the old cliché and look at it in a new way, and so Dex Dixon was born,” said Steve Coker, Screenwriter and Producer.


The idea was born in Eugene but has mostly been filmed up in Portland.


“He basically goes into investigation mode and meets up with strange characters; werewolves, vampires, anything you could think of. Dex Dixon really is a film noir, horror, comedy, musical,” said Coker.


Coker says the movie is inspired by all of his old loves; musicals, detective stories and film noir.


“He actually has one line where he says, “I didn’t want to talk about it so I decide to wait until we did the voice over.” So we sort of call attention to it, while playing it straight,” said Coker.


“It kind of combined so many things it’s hard not to find something you’re interested in somewhere,” said James Chick, Cinematographer.


Coker’s team is producing the first 10 pages of the story, hoping to sell the concept to potential investors or studios. They’re ultimate goal is the film festival circuit, but right now it’s just finishing the project.


“Get a budget for this, get some financing, so that way we can all get paid to do something that we love,” said Chick.


“Many people who’ve read the film say it’s the most innovative thing since Roger Rabbit and I really love that comparison because that was my favorite film growing up,” said Coker.


Here’s a link to the Dex Dixon Kickstarter fundraising page:

There they have some behind-the-scene footage for you to check out, and an easy way to donate.


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