Night on the Town


SATURDAY – Night on the Town

I had to sneak out of my tent to render today’s Night on the Town.  I was entered into a slave auction at the SeaDog Nights & Gypsy Carnival and I have to keep it quiet or my 300 lbs pirate master will awaken!  Shhh….  Thankfully, my ‘slave’ time expires at 7pm tonight….just in time for some estrogen affirming girl music tonight.

Since the whole town will be at Sam Bond’s tonight celebrating their 16th anniversary, which, technically was on Monday when a brand new brew was introduced;  Sam Bond’s Special Bitter, I’ll stop by there first.   This is a must try for any die-hard regular so I better get their early to avoid the long lines. Another drink special to not miss out on are the $2 Jameson’s and $2 featured micros over at Luckey’s where Growler, Nine Dice and The Last International are performing some distilled rock-n-roll.

Jessie Marquez

However, tonight is girl night… so while I break in a new driver by starting tonight with some Special Bitter and a scenic drive to Loloma Lodge (McKenzie Bridge, OR) to hear Jessie Marquez, a talented Cuban jazz singer perform with Clay Giberson, Mark Schneider, Charlie Doggett and Rafael Trujillo under the mountain sky.  Thankfully there will be free Cuban appetizers with a complimentary  Deschutes beer or wine with the $25 admission.  It will be very cool to be up there and see the stars and listen to some great jazz beside the McKenzie River. The lodge has been there since 1928 and will have lodging available either at the lodge or at their campsites.  Have to mark on my calendar to come back up here Wednesday, August 3rd to hear blues man Lloyd Jones.

The Eager Beavers

Over at the Oak Street Speakeasy, is Grrrlz Rock.  Tonight performing will be Bajuana Tea, an electric rock duo featuring Matrisha Armitage on drums and The Eager Beavers, an all female bluegrass act with Grrrlz Rock founder, Cindy Ingram on washboard and vocals.

Grrrlz Rock began last November with female artists marrying the concepts of music and art.  David Frank was instrumental in launching the project recording shows and performances for over a month last summer.  With six recordings mixed now and the art digitally filmed all that remains is to finish mixing, mastering design, print and distribution.  The CD is set to be released this November at the WOW Hall.

Well, I hear some grumbling going on over at the tent… time to go pretend I’m asleep again with my 1800’s French Flintlock black powder pistol in hand of course!

Will see you out there… I’ll be the one in the costume!

Nancy grew up in Eugene, graduating from Churchill before heading off to the big city of Portland, and later on to Los Angeles, CA where she pursued her interests in event coordination. After 5 years she returned to Portland where she began her career as a music journalist. After writing for local and national publications Nancy started her own music magazine, Only Local Music, highlighting and promoting local musicians.
In 2008 she was the master mind behind the online music magazine, Oregon Music News, Oregon's Only Online Music Magazine. Cultivating several alliances with organizations such as Music Millennium, The Portland Jazz Festival, the Waterfront Blues Association, The Mississippi Street Fair, and like groups, Nancy quickly grew the fresh start up from a mere idea to fruition within the scope of two years.
Concurrently she sought out and pursued business management consulting and continued her own business, Navigation Consulting. With over 20 years experience managing every kind of business imaginable Nancy has been fortunate enough to further engage her purpose of helping others to helping business owners actually grow their business.
Returning to her other passion, promoting music as well as musicians, Nancy continues to write about music and band across the state.

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