Petri Dish

Theo Czuk (vocals & piano)
Kevin Ronkko (vocals & congas)

Petri Dish

Petri Dish is a jazz duo consisting of Theo Czuk on vocals and piano and Kevin Ronkko on vocals and congas.

Czuk is an award winning songwriter, poet and a lifetime member of Mensa and long time friend Ronkko, who is  a five time ASCAP Plus award winner and is a member of the Vic Firth Education Team.  Ronkko’s percussion CDs include “How to Eat a Groove” and “Roots Rock Percussion.”  In his spare time he’s authored the book “The Singing Drummer:  Add Vocals to Your Beat.”

New to the Eugene music scene, these accomplished musicians provide originals tunes such as “World of Woe” or “Too Many Shadows.”  Their stripped down instrumentation shows off Czuk’s vocal and piano chops against Ronkko’s machine solid beat.