Shelley & Cal


Shelley James – guitar, vocals
Cal James – bass, vocals
Label: Pennys Gang/44-4 Records


Shelley and Cal James

This Eugene husband and wife team have been performing together since 1993.  Their third release Something Goin’ On sports 4 uplifting and encouraging songs.

Having met in a previous band, in 1990, called Pyramid Breakfast, this duo has literally been inseparable on all fronts of their lives.  The couple have toured across the U.S. and even as far as China together performing their founded-in-faith songs such as “You”, “Anytime” and “It’s So Alright.”
In addition to their own musical stylings, the duo have had the pleasure of being involved with such locals as Satin Love Orchestra as well as The Floydian Slips.  While in L.A. they’ve also worked with well known female percussionist, Shelia E., as well as Pete Escovedo and Johnathan Butler.
Their signature acapella song features Cal doing a “voicebassbeatbox”  while Shelley belts out vocals.  Comfortable in most all genres of music this duo have a good time, put on a good show and ultimately ” hope the music is an uplift to your heart and soul as you take it in.”