The Stagger and Sway
Acoustic Indie

Record Label: Working Stiff Records

Mike Last – guitar,  vocals
Jerry Abelin – bass, vocals
Joe Knapp – guitar
Ken Howe – drums

The Stagger and Sway

This Eugene four-piece band is full of music and crafty lyrics from songwriter, guitar and vocalist, Mike Last. With a Petty-like sound with a little Death Cab for Cutie, their 2009 debut EP Time Changes is a mixture of power-pop ballads with a countrified twang throughout.

December 2010 saw the release of the release of “Break till you Bend” an eleven song CD with such titles highlighting titles as Sam Bond’s Garage, Barrel Rolling and Loudmouth Ideas, all having a melancholic feel illustrating the personal events of the songwriter in the previous year.

The Stagger and Sway