The Underlings


Label:  Daily Records

Ed Cole – guitar, vocals
Dave Peterson – bass, vocals
Bryant Grace – drums

The Underlings

Forming in the winter of 2006, The Underlings  formed, quite literally in a garage in the heart of west Eugene.  The trio, who have a supreme love of garage rock (no pun intended)  and an utter hatred for their day jobs,  created a sound much like the Ramones meet Cheap Trick…a power pop punk fusion.

In 2008, after a grueling year of touring and subsequent recordings,  the band self-released their debut CD “Operational Excellence” a collection of 10 songs including song titles such as “Born in a Boxcar” and “Runnin’ from the Cops.”

This blue collar, in-your-face aggressive rock band claims “We play hard rockin’ noisy punk, rawk and pop music because that is what we love to do.”

The Underlings