Woman Frustrated with Gas Station’s Debit Card Policy

A Veneta woman is frustrated that extra funds were withheld from her checking account without her knowing when using her debit card to buy gas at Fred Meyer.


She says she used her debit card to buy $20 of gas at the West 11th store, but then she later realized $75 was being withheld from her bank account.


KEZI checked out the Fred Meyer gas station on West 11th and there is a warning on the pump that reads: If you pay at the pump your financial institution may place a hold on funds in your account.


It also says the hold could last up to three days and says Fred Meyer is not responsible.


But since you can’t pump your own gas in the state of Oregon, most customers probably won’t get out of their car to read this disclaimer.


“But (I) mainly want to get people aware that this can happen to them, because now I had to put off paying bills or whatever that I was going to be doing because of the hold,” said Wendy Cirimele, Fred Meyer gas customer.


Wendy says when she approached her bank about it, the bank says it’s Fred Meyer’s responsibility.


But Fred Meyer says, like their sign reads, it’s the customer’s bank’s responsibility.


To avoid this, you can get out of the car and use your debit card at the center kiosk, and no funds will be held.


Fred Meyer says the gas attendants should warn the customers, but this doesn’t always happen.

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