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Excellent Gentlemen Debut Album Just Say Yes

What a night last night…. I forgot that drinking beer isn’t really hydrating… but my body is certainly reminding me of this point today! The Excellent Gentlemen, were… well, EXCELLENT. Playing songs off their new release “Just Say Yesthey played to a good sized crowd who were in the mood to party and dance. And let me tell you, it was infectious!

Finding my way over to Luckey’s was quite the chore! High heels were NOT meant to be walked in for blocks… at least not by me! Walking into a packed room just in time to see Tyler Fortier was perfect timing! I got to hear the song Walking Blocks. And despite the loudness of the room, his whispered raspy voice captured the audience’s attention.

Didn’t go to bed till about 5am…it’s a busy busy day, so I’ll have to rest tomorrow.

Tonight I thought I’d do something a bit different. There are many other kinds of music that happen in Eugene besides the dance bands, or metal bands, or singer/songwriters… and there are many other places to see than Luckey’s, Diablos and Sam Bonds. So tonight I’ve decided to seek around this town and catch the OTHER stuff. If you check out the club listings below, you’ll see there are things going on… like for example at Quackers tonight… who is this band, Happy Camp??? Are they any good? Who knows? I know I don’t! So I thought I’d just go around and see what I can see in the bands that are unknown to me… kinda be a the fly on the wall for the folks who either got heat exhaustion from the home game today, or who are new best friends with their air conditioners. It will be kind of exciting to check out a band with no information.

Gypsy Nouveau

Just to make certain I do some good music, I will be stopping by The Oak Street, as The Eager Beavers are playing tonight with Fancy Bandits and the Douglas County Daughters. If testosterone was on last night’s bill than its estrogen tonight. Which means making a stop to Cozmic Pizza to check out Gypsy Nouveau “a European inspired variety show of Gypsies, fusion belly dance, and more…” Not sure what more there could be, but trust, I will find out.  They already have a Vaudeville style entertainment that oozes Burlesque, complete with dancers who tease the audience.  Add that to a rotating cast of fire performers, sideshow entertainers and musicians… am very interested in what MORE there could be?

Elsewhere tonight, Terry Robb blues virtuoso is playing Mac’s tonight and the British Ska band, The Slackers are playing at the WOW Hall.

Well, it’s time to retire from this hot sun for a few hours and pretend I’m a human at least until night fall comes.

I will see you out there…








Original Music

FREE: Cornucopia: Against the Green—10pm
FREE: Oak St. Speakeasy The Eager Beavers, Fancy Bandits, The Douglas County Daughters—9; Rock, bluegrass
FREE: Wandering Goat Karma Vision—9; Indie, quartet
$5.00 Axe & Fiddle: Jefferson’s B-day Bash w/Unicron—8:30, Punk
$5.00 Cozmic Pizza Gipsy Nouveau—7; Variety
$5.00 Granary Barbara Dzuro—7, n/c; Matt Beautow—10pm
$5.00 Luckey’s The F Holes, The Alder St. All-Stars—10; Americana, bluegrass
$5.00 Sam Bond’s Weiner Kids, Heavenly Oceans, Scrambled Ape—9:30; Variety
$15.00 WOW Hall The Slackers—9; British Ska

Cover Bands & Tribute Bands

FREE: Corner Bar & Grill Cowboy Cadillac—9pm
FREE: Happy Hours Mitch & The Mechanics—8:30pm Rock
FREE: Mohawk Tavern The Valley Boys—9pm; Rock
FREE: Quackers Happy Camp—9pm; Alternative
FREE: Village Green M-80’s—9pm; 80’s Rock

Blues, Jazz & Country

FREE: Davis’ Jessie Marquez Quartet—8pm; Latin jazz
FREE: Jazz Station Corey Adkins Trio—8pm; Modern jazz
$6.00 Mac’s Terry Robb Electric Band—9pm; Electric blues
$5.00 Whiskey River Ranch Flexor T—9pm; Country, rock

DJ – Dance – Hip Hop – Other

FREE: The Bridge: DJ Crown—10pm; Hip hop, funk, soul
FREE: Conways Ladies Night—9pm
FREE: Cowfish “Sup!” w/Sassy Mouff, Michael Human & Guests—9:30pm; Top 40, electro
FREE: Doc’s Pad DJ J-Will—8pm; Dance mix
FREE: Downtown Lounge Behind the Mind, DJ J. Philly—10pm
FREE: Embers Retro—9pm
FREE: Two Friends Pub Ladies Night—9pm

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In 2008 she was the master mind behind the online music magazine, Oregon Music News, Oregon's Only Online Music Magazine. Cultivating several alliances with organizations such as Music Millennium, The Portland Jazz Festival, the Waterfront Blues Association, The Mississippi Street Fair, and like groups, Nancy quickly grew the fresh start up from a mere idea to fruition within the scope of two years.
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