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Happy Friday!  Boy, it smells like October already!  I’m liking this!  Last weekend was fun.  Was able to see some music and hang with some of the other writers from Eugene Daily News.  Thankfully, we had a great time and no one got arrested.

Tony Furtado

This weekend has some great music on tap as well.  Not quite sure where I’m going to go yet.  The Wainwright Brothers are at Cornucopia tonight and Portland based Tony Furtado is rolling through Sam Bonds tonight too.   Although truthfully, the idea of seeing Captain Galex at the Wandering Goat sounds ultimately entertaining.  Think I’ll start there at least and maybe head over to “the cluster.”  Not familiar with the term  “the cluster?”  You know that area downtown Eugene where Luckey’s, John Henry’s, Jameson’s, The Ale House, Davis and Cowfish.  At least being in this area of downtown, affectionately known as “The Cluster” will provide enough places to check out since the driver has the night off.

Mnemonic Sounds

Making it pretty easy to just park and go check out Mnemonic Sounds at Luckey’s.  This Portland based band is a ‘boy-girl’ (Megan Ouchida and Peter Suk) duo who perform  power-pop music.  Their debut CD Muscle Memories released last year has been hailed as “pure pop perfection.”  With such songs as Buidlings Like Boxes it’s pretty easy to understand why with the cool vocal harmonies and the effect loops in place. I like the sound.

In the event you’re feeling the itch for metal, there’s a cool band metal band playing in Tanget tonight called Attackhead, playing. They will be playing at Dixie Creek Tavern tonight with the band, Vial Experiment. This band is rolling through from California on their way to play dates in Washington, Idaho and Utah, as part of their Northwest Civil  Unrest Tour 2011.  One of their songs Make Me Suffer is an amazing metal song with some kick-ass guitar licks and amazing drumming. This video isn’t one of my favorites however.  But, I’m pretty sure, that’s just me.   If you’re outside these Eugene parts, check them out.  It’s a great lead up to who’s playing tomorrow night at The Black Forest.

Well, better sign off now and see if I can rounds some folks to hang with me tonight.  I do feel like dressing up tonight so will have to see what my gal pals are up to tonight.  Nothing like a bunch of gals, dressed up, seeing live music!
I’ll see YOU out there!









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Original Music

FREE: The Beanery QTNstrumentals—7pm
FREE: Billy Mac’s Christie & McCallum—7:30pm; americana
FREE: Cornucopia Wainwright Brothers—10pm
FREE: Oak Street Speakeasy Def Kids—9pm; bluegrass
FREE: Wandering Goat Captain Galex-C—9pm; electronic
$10 Axe & Fiddle Loch Lomoud, Celilo—8:30pm; baroque, indie, experimental
$3 Creswell Coffee & Wine Dennis Smith Project—7pm; folk, rock
$5 Luckey’s Mnemonic Sounds, Mitten, Double plus good—10pm; indie
$10 Sam Bond’s Tony Furtado—9:30pm; banjo
$8 WOW Hall The Tip, 2 Grams Heavy, Sol Seed—8:30pm; rock

Cover Bands & Tribute Bands

FREE: Goodfella’s Monolith w/Chuck Walls—9pm; rock
FREE: John Henry’s Parish Gap Band—10pm; classic rock
FREE: Quackers Rock ‘n’ Roll Jam—9pm
FREE: Sam’s Place The Valley Boys—8pm; classic rock
FREE: Village Green Dammit Jim—9pm; Rock

Blues, Jazz & Country

FREE: Jazz Station Slight Retro Jazz w/Bob Ragan—8pm; swing, latin jazz
FREE: Pizza Research Institute Olem Alves Duo—6:30pm; jazz, blues
FREE: WestEnd Tavern Piano Bar w/Rhianna—8pm
$9.00 Eagles Lodge Blue Skies Big Band w/Jewel Tones—8pm; jazz
$5.00 Mac’s The Rick Johnson Band w/Skip Jones—9pm; blues
$5.00 Whiskey River Ranch Jonathan Harris—9pm; country

DJ-Hip Hop-Dance-Other

FREE: Cowfish“Freek-Nite” Dance Party w/Audio Schizophrenic—9pm
FREE: Downtown Lounge Cold-shot—10pm
FREE: Embers Retro—9pm
FREE: Rogue Public House Trivia Night—8pm
FREE: Two Friends Pub Flashback Friday—9pm
$5.00 Cozmic Pizza Middle Eastern Dance Guild of Eugene—8:30pm

Nancy grew up in Eugene, graduating from Churchill before heading off to the big city of Portland, and later on to Los Angeles, CA where she pursued her interests in event coordination. After 5 years she returned to Portland where she began her career as a music journalist. After writing for local and national publications Nancy started her own music magazine, Only Local Music, highlighting and promoting local musicians.
In 2008 she was the master mind behind the online music magazine, Oregon Music News, Oregon's Only Online Music Magazine. Cultivating several alliances with organizations such as Music Millennium, The Portland Jazz Festival, the Waterfront Blues Association, The Mississippi Street Fair, and like groups, Nancy quickly grew the fresh start up from a mere idea to fruition within the scope of two years.
Concurrently she sought out and pursued business management consulting and continued her own business, Navigation Consulting. With over 20 years experience managing every kind of business imaginable Nancy has been fortunate enough to further engage her purpose of helping others to helping business owners actually grow their business.
Returning to her other passion, promoting music as well as musicians, Nancy continues to write about music and band across the state.

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