JC Rico Celebration of Life Memorial

By:  Nancy Glass

On Sunday, September 18th, 2011, it was standing room only for the celebration of life memorial for Joseph Charles Rico, aka JC Rico.  Rico passed away in his sleep on September 4th, 2011 from heart failure.

JC Rico Celebration of Life Memorial @ Mac's at the Vets Culb - Photo courtesy of Anthony Proveaux

Over 300 people converged at Max’s at the Vet including such well knowns as Eddie Clark with wife Lenet Galloway, Vicki Stevens and Ken Cofieldk, Chris Kleink, Mike Brewer, Johnny Etheredge, Bill Vaughn – Capt of the Patriot Guard Riders, Deb Cleveland, Barbara Healy, Biran Chevalier, Lynda Duffy, T-Bone Stone, John Bryson, Terry Taylor, “Sarge” from Arizona, Charly Snellings, and Stephanie Detwiler.

As JC loved riding motorcycles, his friends and fans lined the block outside of Max’s with their Harley’s and other motorcycles to pay homage to a truly gifted man.

This celebration was hosted by Payne D. Herbst, JC’s friend and business manager of only 18 months.  JC’s wife, Robin Goss presented Mac’s an autographed guitar and photo to be on display at one of the singer’s all-time favorite venue’s.  Followed by the song Walk on Water, off of the Paul Jones’ CD, All My Friends Can Sing… A Tribute— featuring Clair Bruce on piano (who also recently passed away) you could have heard a pin drop as this beautiful, poignant song played.

Afterwards a brief slide show was displayed of JC’s life, narrated by Payne. In a touching moment, JC’s daughter Joei-Lin Moore sang the song Angel Band, backed by JC’s band with Steve Ibach on stage.  Other musicians also performed including, Earl Hugill, Darcy Lee Gribble and Rick Markstrom.  Joel-Lin performed another song, I’m am Weary, Let Me Rest” before Goss took the stage for personal acknowledgements before the recessional song Smile by JC Rico played.

Out of respect for one of his favorite artist, Mac’s owner, Pat McCallum, catered the event at no charge.

At the young age of 64, on July 21st, 2011 Rico celebrated the 3rd anniversary with his wife, Robin Goss.  The date also marks JC’s birthday, making his anniversaries easier to remember.  He is survived by his daughter, Joei-Lin Moore; and two brothers: Vincent Moore of Chicago, IL, and Richard Moore of Springfield, Oregon.

On October 7th, 2011 JC Rico band, Zulu Dragon, was scheduled to perform at Max’s.  In light of recent events, the show is still scheduled to go on with special guest performers including: Chris Kain, Darcy Lee Gribble with Rick Markstrom.  At press time, Curtis Salgado’s previous drummer, Brian Foxworthy also confirmed to perform at this fundraiser to help the family.

When asked if Rico’s band will stay together, Kim Almasie, who books the venue, told me “I don’t know?  I think the band wants to take a break out of respect for JC… which, who could blame them?  He was an amazing man, who certainly was loved by a lot of people and will be missed.”

Contributions to the memorial account at all Pacific Continental Bank locations will help pay for a gravestone on his burial plot, located at Lane Memorial Gardens.

You can check out the posted Facebook page for JC Rico here.

video – Scott Zeppa, EDN