The Dick Danger Band

Rockabilly Surf Pop

Dick Danger: guitar, vocals
Suki Hobbs: bass, vocals
Mike Bachmann: drums

Label: Cletus Records

The DIck Danger Band

The Dick Danger Band, a Eugene based band, have been performing most of the past five years in the Pacific Northwest.  It’s obvious from watching them perform their influences have been the great Carl Perkins, Eddie Cochrane, Chuck Berry and John Fogarty. In 2009, The band released, 10 Sensational Tales of Suspense, with such songs as “Do the White Bread” and “Barkin’ Like a Doggie.”

Dick Danger’s music is somewhat rockabilly, 60’s style garage rock, surf, rhythm and blues and country. 

For five years Dick Danger was a member of the wildly popular Roughstock band along with Suki Hobbs. Both are currently members of the Coyote Ridge Band.

The Dick Danger Band