We Have Guns

Hardcore Metal

Tobby Lugo – guitars
Issa Koberstein – guitars
Carl Sundberg – vocals
James Smith – bass
Damon Skelly – drums

Label: WHG Music

We Have Guns Photo Courtesy WHG Reverb Nation Page

This Eugene metal band formed in 2007 and consists of members who have been playing in the metal scene for years.  Well known in their underground metal circles, this band released their first, self-titled CD September 2011.  The music on this album was conceived mostly by guitarist Tobby Lugo, who put the band together as a side project years ago while he was still the drummer in Grynch.  Many of the songs have been penned from Lugo’s teenage years, but all of the members of WHG contribute to the songwriting process.  The band’s song content range in topic from “zombie apocalypses to religious genocide, the war in Iraq, drug addiction, alien abductions, self-reliance and the nature of the country, brotherhood and blacking out.”  They have been been compared to the apocalyptic metal band Ramallah for their  “eerie melodic aggressive music.”

We Have Guns