Night on the Town – FRIDAYMust be October with the cold and rain already!  I do like the rain.  And well, some might think it’s too cold, or too wet; I think it’s perfect time to go shopping!  A nice new pair of boots would do wonders for this gal’s disposition!

Holly GoSlugly   photo courtsey of Holly GoSlugly FB page

Holly GoSlugly photo courtsey of Holly GoSlugly FB page

What better way to show of new threads than at the First Friday Art Walk?  It’s perfect!  With trusted attire one can still enjoy the store-front art displays and check out such cool venues as The Jazz Station and Cowfish. The guest host tonight is the 29th Slug Queen, Holly GoSlugly, and is happening from 5:30pm to 8pm today.  Perfect opportunity to check out Happy Hours too  Woo Hoo!  Almost makes this insufferable week worth it.  Doc’s has Long Island’s all day for a mere $4.  Sounds good to me!

There is also a pub crawl going on downtown with the Occupy Eugene folks. But that’s not getting going till around 8pm and so far only 59 folks have said they’ll be there.  Might be crowded tonight.  Be sure you avoid any awkward moments and smell clean at least!

Tonight has a LOT to hear!  Couple of ‘headliner’ acts in town tonight… The WOW Hall has The Ska-licious sounds of The Cherry Poppin Daddies with  Sawyer Family and acoustic folk music artist Greg Brown play the SHEDD with Jason Wilber opening.  We hear The Daddies are in the studio laying down tracks for a new release.  It’s quite possible tonight’s set list will include new songs.  Celebrating 20 years in the music business, some could argue the best thing that band could do now is change their name and get on with it already.  The jury will have to wait and hear their next CD to make a determination on that notion.  Brown, a living legend in the folk circles, has had his songs performed by Willie Nelson, Carlos Santana, Shawn Colvin and Mary Chapin Carpenter. His unique voice can be heard here, introducing his latest CD Freak Flag.

Casey Neill & The Norway Rats    Photo courtsey

Casey Neill & The Norway Rats Photo courtsey

Local headliners are out in full force as well tonight.  The Goat has got the band, Poli High.  I think listening to the song Potholes & Porcupines will sound great in that room.  Then, I gotta check out the Portland group Casey Neill & The Norway Rats, with local band Stagger and Sway at Luckey’s. I know that show will start late, so I’m good chillin’ at the Goat for a bit before making my way downtown.  Next I will slide by The Oak Street.  Should be a good crowd tonight for the The Eager Beavers along with The Whopner County All-Stars.  I’m not in the mood for country or bluegrass right yet… but it will be nice to get my estrogen fix with the gals tonight.

By this time, I may be too wound up to sleep!  So I may, depending upon the hour, head over to see my friends Roger McConnell and Mike Trathen perform with Jim Tuckey, Michele Thompson and Ritchie as  Phreaky Phaces at Spirits Bar. Pretty certain I’ll be way overdressed… so I might have to go incognito… on the down low.  Shhhhhh!

Well, I best get myself out shopping.  I hear Macy’s is having a sale on their cashmere.  Might as well take advantage of this fine Friday to have a great time before heading out!  Tonight’s going to be a great time!  I wonder if leather pants would be appropriate?

I’ll see you out there!

Original Music

Falkenberg~ Beanery~ 7pm
Christie & McCallum~ Americana~ Billy Mac’s~ 7:30pm
Try Redemption, Exfixia, Big Hammer Theory, New World Sinner~Metal~ Black Forest~ 10pm
She’s Not Dead~Downtown Lounge~10pm
Girls Rock CD Fundraiser~ Granary~7pm
Behind the Mind, Upstate Trio~ Maize Lounge~10pm
The Eager Beavers, Colin Gilmore, The Whopner County Country All-Stars~ Bluegrass, rock~ Oak St. Speakeasy~9pm
Peter Giri~ Acoustic~ Sam’s Place ~8pm
Poli High, Bright Brown~ rock~ Wandering Goat~9pm
$5 Stellarondo~ acoustic~ Axe & Fiddle ~ 8:30pm
$10 June & Jean Millington~ Rock~ Cozmic Pizza~ 8pm
$5 The Golden Motors, Casey Neil & the Norway Rats, The Stagger & Sway~Rock~ Luckey’s
$5 Bad Mitten Orchestre, Wayward Vessel, Opal Creek~country, blues~Sam Bond’s~9pm
$19 Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, The Sawyer Family~ WOW Hall~ funk,rock, swing~ 8pm $19

Cover & Tribute Bands

Mr. Wizard~ Goodfellas~ rock~ 9pm
Riffle~ Happy Hours~ country, rock~ 8pm
Rock ‘n’ Roll Jam~ Quackers~ 9pm
Grover Drive~ Village Green~ rock~ 9pm
Joybox~ Yukon Jack’s~9pm

Blues, Jazz & Country

$6 Zulu Dragon~ Mac’s At The Vet~ Tribute to J.C. Rico~ 9pm
$5 Torrey Newhart Quintet~ jazz~ Jazz Station~ 8pm
$5 Bump in the Road~ country~ Whiskey River Ranch~ 9pm
Rhianna~ WestEnd Tavern Piano Bar~ 8pm

DJ, Dance, Hip Hop, Other

“Freek-Nite” Dance Party w/Audio Schizophrenic~ Cowfish~ 9pm
Retro~ Embers~ 9pm
Trivia Night~ Rogue Public House~ 8pm