Night on the Town  – FRIDAY –

Tonight there is plenty of opportunity for you to be livin’ large getting your groove on.  Bundle up, as it’s going to be a chilly one, but layers are fun!  I was so happy I found myself a nice red cashmere sweater last weekend during my inspirational shopping trip.  Nothing like a nice large warm cashmere sweater to keep a gal warm on these cold fall nights!

Some layers and good boots would be perfect for checking out The Lone Pine’s Haunted Maze tonight.  It’s going to still be dry for a bit… and tonight would be a great night to avoid the long lines and crowds.  With the Halloween celebration two weeks out, this is one of those fun things to do NOW.   With spooky trails the large HAUNTED CORN MAZE is complete with live spooks and lots of surprises lurking in the corn.  Heck!  I’m always up for a good scare.  Giving one, that is!  Will be fun to see how many spooks I can scare!  Ha!

There is so much music to see tonight!  There is everything from metal, to rock to pop to acoustic Americana.  All just depends on what you’re in the mood for. Out in Springfield at Goodfella’s is the band We Have Guns.  With their self-titled debut CD released less than a month ago, the boys in the metal band We Have Guns will be shredding it up tonight at Goodfella’s along with Explod-a-tron and Reason to Rock.  If you’re up for some in-your-face metal, than this is your ticket.

The Sugar Beets   photo courtesy Daniel Soule

The Sugar Beets photo courtesy Daniel Soule

But if metal ain’t your bag baby, well, there’s plenty of other kinds of music out there to help you get your groove on.  My friend Marty Chilla (Loveseat Concrete) is playing tonight at Territorial Winery, with the Side of Beets Trio, a post-modern nordic soul band.  Matt Keenan on stand up bass with Megan Bassett on vocals, and Chilla on guitar and vocals. Chilla tells me “Tonight we rage again!!!”   Early show at 7pm which is free.   Woo Hoo!  Who couldn’t use some good wine, and some good music to get the evening off to a good start?  Of course if you’re in the mood for a little bit of psychedelic, jam rock n’ roll, you’ll want to head over to Sam Bond’s tonight to catch Blue Lotus.

As for me?  I will be joining the WILL CALL winner at the WOW Hall tonight for a pretty cool show.  Not sure what WILL CALL is?  Check it out here.  The Eugene-based electronica band, Jultopia, will be performing along with Adventure Galley, White Arrows and AND AND AND.

White Arrows  photo courtesy WA Reverb Nation

White Arrows photo courtesy White Arrows Reverb Nation page

I’m really looking forward to hearing the band White Arrows.  Touted as “not just another White band,” this garage rock synth pop band is from L.A. and has been touring with such well-knowns as Those Darlins, Portugal the Man, Cults and White Denim.  Their genre can only be described best as (they say) Alternative / Tropical Crunk / Equatorial Soul. Their latest single Get Gone is a catchy tune that makes me want to hear more.

Adventure Galley is a great accompanying band for tonight’s line up.  With strong guitar riffs and punchy drums this band reminds me a lot of the band The Cars in that Adventure Galley is edgy and poppy and very kick-ass with their music.  It’s going to be GREAT watching these guys.

The AND AND AND band, from Portland formed in 2009 and is a 6 piece ” band of thieves and gypsies that play rock music that could possibly be compared to The Kinks and Pavement thrown into a blender and left for several days in the sun.”  They must be doing something right as they made their way into last year’s PDX Pop Now! Festival.

I had best get on with it already and get myself put together.  I have a very large lunch that I still need to finish up, head over to my massage appointment and then meet my new driver… Well, I’ll be out there tonight.  Hope to see YOU (yes… I’m talking to YOU!) out there too!


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Original Music

$5  Barefoot Leroy, Satori Bob, Americana   Axe & Fiddle  8:30pm
Klezmonauts   Cornucopia   10pm
$10   Russell Batiste & Friends   Diablos  10pm
Keaton Simons & Michael Tolcher   Granary   7pm    Brimstone Sound w/DJ Crown   10pm
We Have Guns, Explodatron, Reason to Rebel, rock   Goodfellas   9pm
$5  Sam Hahn, Craig Chee, Jesse Meade,Americana, acoustic, uke    Luckey’s   10pm
Mudpuppy   Maize Lounge   10pm
The Essentials, Thumptown   soul/funk   Oak St. Speakeasy   9pm
$5  Blue Lotus, Lewi Longmire   Sam Bond’s   9:30pm
Christie & McCallum   americana   Tiny Tavern   9:30pm
Ferns, Purple Sparrows   indie   Wandering Goat   9pm
Jason Cowsill   alt-country rock   Sam’s Place   8pm
$10 AND AND AND, White Arrows, Adventure Galley, Jultopia, rock   WOW Hall  9pm

Cover & Tribute Bands

The Valley Boys   Mohawk Pub   9pm   rock ‘n’ roll
Rock ‘n’ Roll Jam   Quackers   8pm
Joybox   Spirits   9pm

Blues, Jazz, Country

$5  Paul Biondi, Skip Jones, Rick Cobain, Sax   Creswell Coffee & Wine   7pm
$10  The Kandinsky Effect   Jazz Station   7pm
Olem Alves, jazz/funk   The Loft   7:30pm
$5  Ted Vaughn Blues Band   blues   Mac’s at the Vet   9pm
Marty Chilla   Territorial Winery   7pm
Taylor’s Crossing   new country   Village Green   9pm
Piano Bar w/Rhianna   West End Tavern   8pm
$5  Rock ‘n’ Roll Cowboys   country rock   Whiskey River Ranch   9pm

DJ, Dance, Hip Hop, Other

“Freek-Nite” Dance Party w/Audio Schizophrenic   Cowfish   9pm
$10  Total Hip   Rock Favorites and Dance   benefit   Cozmic Pizza   8pm
Retro   Embers   9pm
Trivia Night   Rogue Public House   8pm